Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gringos in Las Terrenas

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Adventures in Getting to The Dominican Republic

My husband Andrew and I were so stoked to be able to go on a winter vacation away from the cold in NYC.  It's always so satisfying to leave the frosty city for a beach destination.  Successfully leaving the apartment on time after a 4:30 am alarm, we were greeted by awesome 53-degree weather outside. I was sweating in my coat. So yeah, we kinda abandoned some sweet NY weather. 

We felt secure in our ability to get onto the flight from JFK to Miami.  According to information we received the day before, seating was very open.  When we arrived to the gate, Andrew and I were nearly the last people on the standby list of 26 people for a full flight.  How did this happen?? Uh oh.  I rethought my original plan to pick up some morning Shake Shack (JFK's location opens at 6am!). I didn't want to tell Andrew, but there was no way in hell we were getting on that flight, so I might as well eat my Shake Shack while we figure out our next move after we DON'T get on this plane.  ;)

To my surprise, the gate agent went down the list of people who had their names on the standby list and WEREN'T SHOWING UP.  Every time we got excited a Mr. and Mrs. So-and-Sho didn't make it to the desk, some last minute ticketed passenger would run down the terminal up to the gate.  It was a constant YAAAY AWWWW NOOOO WHAT.

I was shocked at how late these passengers were. The airline reps would take their tickets while chastising the travelers, "You know you almost missed your flight!!" And I would have to stop myself from giving these irresponsible passengers looks of disapproval even though I've totally been there- running through the airport like the Home Alone family.  Anyway, five minutes before they closed the door, Andrew and I got ushered in. We were part of the four last seats, and there was a flurry of activity as the reps tore tickets and scribbled our seat numbers on them.  Andrew was asking the rep if he should tag his carry-on, and she yelled, "JUST GOOOOOO!" Like a scene from an action movie where she was forcing us to leave her to save our own lives. Like that dramatic, guys.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My First Cushion Compact Experience: IOPE Air Cushion XP

When I first heard of a compact with a cushion that delivers liquid foundation to yo' face, I was super intrigued.  My Korean people bringing the innovative beauty products!

After researching on the good ol' web, I decided on the Amore Pacific IOPE Air Cushion XP  in C23 (Cover Beige).  I bought it at Korean beauty store in Atlanta for about $38. You can also find it at Peach and Lily. Your compact comes with one cushion already inside it and an extra cushion refill.  For some, that could justify the $40ish price tag. ;)

One of the first things I noticed is the packaging. The royal blue and silver box that the compact comes in is so pretty (that I still have it.)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Hellooooo, everyone. How was your Turkey Day celebration? 

Andrew and I did our usual drive to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  His sister joined us for the ride made up of catch up chats, Invisibilia, and Criminal. This sweetie greeted us when we arrived. Golden retriever puppy Maya.

Hey, what's up? Will you be the sucker who feeds me food I'm not supposed to have because I will 100% get diarrhea from it?

If I had to choose a photo that sums up the weekend, it would be this one. Let's relaaaaax with drinks!

There is no way I could be imbibing on that T Day level in front of my mom or other Korean elders. Oh, there would be judging, for sure.  I've only just begun to drink ANY alcohol in the presence of my mother.  She bought some red wine to pair with our Costco steak.  The second I took a sip, she sniffed at me and remarked, "It's such a turn off...the smell alcohol off of a woman's breath." This is about a minute before she poured herself some of wine.  I know.  Confusion. 

Anyway, the family's Italian so what do you expect? Of course, there is gonna be some wine...and tequila.  Because why not.

Settlers of Catan. This was a way more civilized version than what we attempted last year.  One of the cousins tried to teach us Settlers of Patron.  The frat boy aspect of taking shots with this game got neutralized by the REALLY nerdy aspect of Catan.