Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Looking back at the year...and even beyond to when I first moved to New York, I am stuck between feeling like very LITTLE has happened and a LOT has happened. 

In terms of jobs, I have definitely gotten my feet wet in a wide variety of occupations or more aptly named "things that make me money".

I have worked as a receptionist at a branding/market company on 5th Avenue.
I have walked in a parade in front of an MMA fighter while holding a banner for a cable company that I hated so much that I ditched cable altogether.
I have been paid to give my "expert" opinion on luxury makeup products. (Folks, marketing surveys can be lucrative.)
I have served many a cocktail to lovers of song in a karaoke bar, including Precious who I tried to protect from "fans"  (Can I add "security" to the list?)
Don't worry.  I got your back!

I have held platters of food with shaking arms for parties on roof top bars which I myself liked to enjoy during beautiful New York summer nights (it's nicer when you're actually the patron).
I have been a job interviewer on camera for corporate videos.
I have studied sushi on flash cards during my stints as a waitress at two Japanese restaurants.
I have also taught Spanish to little kiddies who are probably fluent in the language, not to mention dug through a bag of clothes to give to a student who peed himself.