Monday, January 13, 2014

East Coast vs. West Coast Boobs - I Mean, News.

My friend in LA texted me the other day: "My mom just called NBC complaining about the weather girl's big boobs."  

I laughed out loud.  Living in LA, I totally remember being shocked by how the female newscasters and weather forecasters dressed.  I had never seen that before.  They were delivering news while they looked like they were about to hit a Vegas night club. 

I sensed a difference in the general trend between East Coast and West Coast news in regard to wardrobe and cup size.  Let me know if you think I'm onto something here.

Here is Christina Park of New York's Fox 5 News (left) and Sharon Tay of LA's CBS News. 

Sharon's shirt is about to come off here.

Courtney Friel of KTLA - lots of cleave

And just for fun, here's Dorothy Lucey who was on Good Day LA.

Let's move onto the weather forecasters.  

Audrey Puente of New York City's Fox 5 and Elva Saray who is now a host on Telemundo in LA. Elva used to be a weather forecaster for Univision in LA. 

Audrey is a bona fide meteorologist. I'm not sure which weather forecasters are also meteorologists, but it would be interesting to be considered a scientist when you're on the job looking like you ransacked a Charlotte Russe. I feel like the term "weather girls" is kind of demeaning to their work, but I can understand the reference.  It's like this club of hot women who are there to give out bits of information while mostly being visually stimulating. Like ring girls at a boxing match.

Old school Elva. Who hears club music?

Jackie Johnson of CBS LA is a favorite among men. 

This is Elita Loresca of NBC LA. I am 99% sure that she was the reason my friend's mom was so irate.  She said the weather woman's breasts are so big that she can't concentrate on the weather. To be fair, Elita is wearing a shirt that covers up a lot.  It's just that those things are so prominent. Boobs are just bigger in LA. 

Elita in men's magazine FHM.  Apparently, the guys in LA are also familiar with Elita.

Moving on to morning shows! 

I remember seeing Jillian Barberie on Good Day LA when I lived there.  Immediately, I noticed how smoking hot she was.  At the same time, my mind couldn't comprehend all the skin.  It was like it was too early in the day for me to see that much cleavage.  I'm sure for some people it's never too early. 

Is that lingerie?

Hey, what's under that "Style File" banner?

Oh wait. I know. 

Look, I'm not judging Jillian Barberie for what she wears off-camera. She isn't working then, and it's not like she needs to be a prudish pillar of the community. Also, good for her for having a rocking body.  But can we agree the wardrobe on West Coast morning shows seems way more sexy than the ones on the East Coast?

Here's an example: Kelly Ripa.

What do you think?  Are there different standards of dress for the opposite coasts?  I'm sure there are some outliers like Laurie Dhue below who has done New York morning news before.  

Nice gams. Crazy short skirt.

How do you feel about the wardrobe?  Appropriate?  Love it?  (Hey, I know some of you out there aren't watching the weather segment for the info! There's an app for that. Haha.)

Should Elita be persecuted for her curvy figure? Or is that discrimination?

I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. LOL this blog post is so good! I can't believe I never saw it until now. Good job!