Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Skoshbox - Monthly Subscription of Japanese Snacks!

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If you adore the cute packaging and interesting flavors of Japanese snacks, sign up to get them sent to your door for only $12 a month (shipping included)!  Skoshbox was the #1 rated subscription box on Buzz Feed.

I think it's a fantastic deal considering you get 11 authentic Japanese goodies in each box.  And who doesn't love receiving fun things in the mail? My Birchbox subscription from my super sweet sister just ended, so this would be a way to fill that void in my heart.  However, I am wondering if my husband would kill me.

I have so many magazines that Andrew has declared a moratorium on further subscriptions on anything that regularly comes in the mail.

See Exhibit A:  
Eep. I don't even think I ordered some of these - the magazine companies are trying to lure me into buying them. But I swear, I NEED them all. 

Skoshbox also has special occasion boxes!  Check out their Christmas box.

The next limited premium box is for Valentine's Day. For these special boxes, you must be one of the first 100 to sign up. Hey, if I can't get an ongoing subscription, I feel like I'm totally entitled to just onnnnnne box of goodies. Right?

Anyway, Skoshbox offers an option to give 6-month gift subscriptions.  I'm sure some of you have some die-hard lovers of cutesy, delicious things. And if you don't have the funds right now, you can always enter Skoshbox's monthly giveaways on their Facebook page

And if you DO have the $$, then why not splurge on a Candy Japan subscription for $25 a month and receive a package of assorted sweets TWICE a month.

Let me know if you subscribe!  You lucky dog, you!

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