Thursday, October 18, 2012

Would You Rock This Edgy Phone Case?

For some reason, I love brass knuckles/rings! The thought of what damage those things can do actually makes me cringe, but I really like the design.

So when I saw this today at a shoot, I had to ask the girl if I could take a picture of it.

She was actually taking a picture, too! And she had this awesome studded black leather jacket and torn black stockings to complete the look. Almost as if she chose her outfit based on her phone case! Wouldn't that be crazy if we came to that?

Anyway, you can purchase one of these babies on Amazon right here for $15.99.

image via

Would you use this? Do you love it or is it completely impractical/disgusting to you?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Falsies Mascara Review

I'm always up for trying new mascara since the search for THE perfect mascara for me has not ended.

My friend recommended that I try Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara. The name implies the incredible look of false lashes. And the curved brush is supposed to result in 300% more visible lashes! Did you read that? 300%?! So your lashes end up looking like this:

image via
Right. Because those are the model's real lashes. Actually, I don't understand how companies get away with advertising that mascara does this when the models are obviously wearing fake lashes. That's like Victoria's Secret showing what their push up bras do on models who are wearing tight sweaters and just got their boobs done to HH proportions. Or Jessica Simpson getting the lap band to lose her pregger fat and giving credit to Weight Watchers (I read too much gossip).