Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is the Pomsky the Unicorn of Dogs?

I received this photo from my friend Kathy yesterday, and yes, I did want to cry.

Could this be true? A NYC apartment-friendly cutie patootie that looks like a puppy all of its life?

Then I thought about the breeding. Ah! I always wonder how they get super odd pairings together (a Pomeranian with a Husky! It's like Shaq and that one girlfriend he had...)

Oh yes, her.

I also worry about what possible health problems may be created for these little guys. :(

Then, I ran across this web page that stated that the photo is actually one of a Finnish Lapphund puppy.  A what?  I had no idea, but the breed sounded big.

Eh, not too big.  This type of dog is a medium breed of the Spitz family.

Wait, so what does that mean?  Does the Pomsky not exist??

The Pomsky/Pomski (or Huskeranian. Oh, come on!) is actually a new designer breed.  Their looks, weight, and temperament vary greatly depending on the genetic contribution of each parent.  

And what about that "forever puppy" look?  

Well, according to, "the general expectation is for a Pomsky to weigh approximately half the combined weight of its parents, or 20-30 pounds." The Pomsky Club of America states that the smallest Pomsky at maturity would be about 15 lbs. 

People are totally trying to pass photos of Pomsky puppies (and Finnish Lapphund puppies!) as full grown adults, so it is tricky to find pics of actual mature Pomskies.  Here are some pics that I did discover. 

And here's a video showing a range of adult Pomskies.

So Pomskies do exist.  But they do seem to grow up.

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