Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Be "Gladiators in Suits"

If you've been watching Scandal, you can't help but notice the amazing job that the costume designer Lyn Paolo does on the show. The obvious fashion icon is star Olivia Pope, whose real life alter-ego Kerry Washington was given the honor of World's Best Dressed Woman by People Magazine.  However, one can't overlook the flawless shirt and tie combinations that character Harrison Wright wears so well.

Harrison refers to Olivia's team as "gladiator in suits".  And you can see he takes that title seriously.

When Scandal's costume designer Lyn Paolo was interviewed by The Huffington Post, she stated:

"I'm a huge fan of how British men dress, so when I'm in London I love how all the men are walking around and they're not afraid of color, texture and accessories. That's who I base Harrison on. I see a little of it here in New York, but you just don't see it as much except maybe a little in the Wall Street area. But in London even the young men when they're going out for drinks with their friends will get dressed like that. What's wrong with wearing a pink shirt? It's sort of unfortunate that people aren't as daring here."

Perhaps you care to DARE, but may not feel comfortable picking the color and pattern combinations.  You can hire an expensive personal stylist...or you can cheat by checking out stores and websites that take the guesswork out of styling.

One brand I found that offers affordable options with smart pairings is Paul Fredrick. The site provides matching shirt + tie suggestions that you can easily add to your virtual shopping bag. 

You can check out Paul Fredrick's 2014 Spring Collection launch here

So suit up! You, too, can be a gladiator.

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