Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Little Getaway: Upstate New York

When my friend Jamie invited me on a hike going up Storm King Mountain, it was perfect timing.  I truly love fall, but the dipping temperatures made me feel sad and bitter.  It was almost as if we were going directly into winter! But life is easier when you see the positive, so I embraced the idea of fall while being one with nature and walking under a canopy of changing leaves.

I was going to be joining a group of pals: Jamie, Ed, and James. Before we even began our journey, food got involved. With the boys getting delayed in traffic, Jamie and I met up at McDonald's first. I know. It's such a travesty to eat this stuff when we live in a city with so many delicious food options. But it's my guilty pleasure, ok?  "What she order, fish filet?" Indeed, I did.  I also brought some for the guys.

We have arrived!  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Ghost of Halloween Past

To get into the Halloween spirit, I wanted to share my past costumes and a fantastic holiday celebration at LA's Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

I've never really been one to get into sexy costumes as you can see here:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's It Like at a Print Modeling Shoot?

I'm not a super experienced lifestyle model. But recently, I have been working more as a...model. Sorry, that word cracks me up- I mean, to describe myself.

If you don't already know, lifestyle models represent more "real" people.  Ads involving lifestyle models show a slice of life to which you can generally relate- doing laundry, picking up groceries, etc. Fashion models are what you typically think of as "model-y" models.  You know, ridiculous cheekbones. And they're usually doing crazy stuff in ads that normal people will NEVER do like jumping onto their private helicopter or running down a palace hall.  

image via

image via
 Right. So that's my very loose "definition" of the two types of models. You get it.