Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Evolution of My Curls

I've always had hair issues. Ask anyone who knew me back in high school and college.  It was a giant bush of long pubic hair on my head.  (Oh, that I will save for another post!)

Yet, I had hope when I saw other Asian girlfriends of mine using curling irons to get those beautiful tousled beach waves.  One of those friends was Erin.  She also happened to be the awesome girl who inspired my move from LA to NYC in 2009 to start my acting career.  Yup, we moved together into our Murray Hill apartment.  

Of course, if you want to start your acting career, you have to get your headshots.  Within a month, I was using Erin's curling iron to create these horrible curls for my very first headshots.


Why didn't I even TRY to separate the curls??? It looks like my hair is literally made up of two giant curls.  Almost like two curly pigtails. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kicking Breakfast Up a Notch (Or Three)

Feeling a little bit under the weather, so my mind went immediately to pho (my go-to healing soup).  Then I thought about an enticing email I saw this morning about a new Vietnamese breakfast from Mission Cantina.  The email was from Tasting Table, and it had an amazing photo to go with it.

image by TastingTable

Um, hello. Can we get an AMEN, YES PLEASE, whatever else implies a resounding, "I WANT THAT!" 

Monday, January 5, 2015

So It Begins...

It's the 1st Monday of the year. Yay. 

So far, nothing big to report.  I did accidentally steal a bag from Urban Outfitters. Yup, just walked right out with it. The second I made it outside the store, I noticed the stupid thing hanging off of my umbrella. Ok, I call the bag stupid, but I'm the one whose mind has been mush.  I turned right back around and gave it to the sales associate who was checking/harassing OTHER shoppers.  
He was astounded at my honesty. I mean, astounded. He actually requested to shake my hand. As if I saved a child from a burning house. Come on. Keeping that bag would have been douchey. The only thing I like to steal are fries off of my friends' plates. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Are the holidays really OVER?

I'm sure the general consensus is that starting a new year is exciting. I, too, am super pumped up for 2015.  I swear! But I'm so sad that the holidays are DONE. I look forward to hitting all my new goals with recharged boldness, but I have honestly been enjoying lounging around in pj's and binge watching "Homeland"--I'm having a heart attack with these episodes!! What...Brody???  (Take that however you want. It's not a spoiler if it's vague!)

So, as I get ready to return to reality with work tomorrow evening, I shall bask in happy end-of-year memories with loved ones. Sniff.

Thanksgiving was the  I even woke up early to go downtown and do yoga. Then it was a downward spiral of a horribly uneven ratio of calorie intake to calorie burn off for the rest of the year. Oh well. I tried, guys.

After a local, low-key NYC Thanksgiving with my husband and dear friend, my husband and I got together with his family in Pittsburgh for the classic T Day feast.

During the planning and cooking throughout the day, this Jury family quiche kept us going. 

It's so amusing to me when the kitchen starts filling with frenetic energy as instructions are called out and everyone's running around being a "Director of Mashed Potatoes" and "Director of Stuffing".  It's like a nicer version of Hell's Kitchen.