Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kicking Breakfast Up a Notch (Or Three)

Feeling a little bit under the weather, so my mind went immediately to pho (my go-to healing soup).  Then I thought about an enticing email I saw this morning about a new Vietnamese breakfast from Mission Cantina.  The email was from Tasting Table, and it had an amazing photo to go with it.

image by TastingTable

Um, hello. Can we get an AMEN, YES PLEASE, whatever else implies a resounding, "I WANT THAT!" 

This Danny Bowien-owned establishment usually serves up Mexican cuisine, but it now adds Vietnamese breakfast to its repertoire.  A concise list of menu items include Heritage Beef Tartare, Chicken Pho (Hanoi Style), Lamb Pho (Saigon Style), Bo Kho, Duck Porridge, Fried Eggs/Duck Liver Banh Mi, and Broken Rice (grilled lemongrass sausages, fried eggs, and pickles).  Are you drooling yet?  If you're a purist about your Vietnamese food, well, allow me to present to you these gorgeous photos of Deliciousness...

image by TastingTable

image by TastingTable

Oh, man.  Screw the boring NYC brunch.  Let's have a Vietnamese breakfast party.
image by nymag

I can't wait to eat all of this.  ALL OF THIS.

I don't know why I torture myself with daily reminders from Tasting Table about all of the delectable food that I can't have right at that moment.  Oh, well.  Check out their lovely write-up here that inspired this post. I love that it describes the chicken pho coming out in a "massive" bowl.  I am always thrilled when soup is served in an impressively big vessel. 

In the meantime, I'll be fantasizing about lying across that beautifully colored table sampling all the goods.

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