Monday, January 5, 2015

So It Begins...

It's the 1st Monday of the year. Yay. 

So far, nothing big to report.  I did accidentally steal a bag from Urban Outfitters. Yup, just walked right out with it. The second I made it outside the store, I noticed the stupid thing hanging off of my umbrella. Ok, I call the bag stupid, but I'm the one whose mind has been mush.  I turned right back around and gave it to the sales associate who was checking/harassing OTHER shoppers.  
He was astounded at my honesty. I mean, astounded. He actually requested to shake my hand. As if I saved a child from a burning house. Come on. Keeping that bag would have been douchey. The only thing I like to steal are fries off of my friends' plates. 

Oh yeah, I've been cooking. I'm still either burning rice or making it into a mashed potato-like slop. On tonight's menu: garlic-yogurt baked chicken.  It's been marinating for nearly 4 hours. So excited!

I had a nice glass of wine at 4:30. That's like happy hour, right? Even if I wasn't working today? Don't worry. I drank it in an Olivia Pope just-saved-people's-careers-and-boned-the-President kind of way, not with the desperation of Carrie Mathison washing down her pills. Actually, what am I talking about? Both those characters are self-medicating. I was merely relaxing. I do love when wine is used as a character device. It's hilarious.

By the way, I recently saw a post about the Michael Kors collection that looks very Chanel "inspired".  What do you think?  I've definitely seen elements of the classic Chanel bags used by other designers. But this seems a bit much. Well, imitation is the highest form of flattery.
image by

Watching "Cake" right now.  Jennifer Aniston is playing a tortured, angry woman really well.  *Her character suffers from chronic, debilitating pain, and Aniston had to study, do body work, and interview people with chronic pain.  "I was so grateful for my body at the end of the day." 

*interview from NPR

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