Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Falsies Mascara Review

I'm always up for trying new mascara since the search for THE perfect mascara for me has not ended.

My friend recommended that I try Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara. The name implies the incredible look of false lashes. And the curved brush is supposed to result in 300% more visible lashes! Did you read that? 300%?! So your lashes end up looking like this:

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Right. Because those are the model's real lashes. Actually, I don't understand how companies get away with advertising that mascara does this when the models are obviously wearing fake lashes. That's like Victoria's Secret showing what their push up bras do on models who are wearing tight sweaters and just got their boobs done to HH proportions. Or Jessica Simpson getting the lap band to lose her pregger fat and giving credit to Weight Watchers (I read too much gossip).

ANYWAY, here's my experience with the mascara in Blackest Black.  Can you guess if I ended up looking like the model above?

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I bought my Falsies mascara for about $7 at a local Manhattan Target (even though they are $5.94 at most Targets. Damn the NYC upcharge).

I enjoyed the curve of the brush, but the bristles seemed a little too far apart to separate the lashes well. That was a very noticeable complaint on review boards - lashes were clumpy.

You can see the difference between the left side (mascara) and the right side (no mascara). There is definitely some more volume to the lashes, but some lashes are looking a little spider leg-like.

Sorry, I got distracted by my bulbous face. 

I like how the enhanced lashes (especially the bottom lashes) helped my eyes stand out even in these gigantic glasses. The pumped up lashes framed my eyes so they didn't completely disappear. Yay.

I don't have long enough lashes to touch the lens of my glasses, but I have read that the mascara won't transfer from your lashes to the lens. I did not notice any smudging under my eyes. 

I think this mascara is good for no more than 2 coats. After those initial coats, the mascara will give a "crunchy" effect.  I definitely recommend getting an eyelash comb to separate the lashes between coats. Many people complain of the mascara quickly drying out. I haven't noticed that with mine though maybe the clumps are attributed to the mascara formula drying out as you're putting it on. It is pretty hard to wash off. You get those flakes of mascara that like to stick onto your lashes and face when you're using makeup remover to take it off.

I recommend giving this mascara a go. But for me, I'm on to the next one! I'm looking for the perfect one for me (and my wimpy lashes)!

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