Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Florida Getaway: Islamorada and Sarasota

Oh, the satisfying anticipation of heading to warmer weather when the city is a frozen mess. It's this annoying thing we do here : Bye New Yorkers, enjoy the frostbite!

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Then we come right back and join the misery. Ha ha. 

 Andrew had work in Sarasota, and we decided that a) I'd tag along- free lodging! and b) we would go earlier and check out the Keys. Well, our smug little happy dance got checked when we saw the 80 degree temps the day before our departure dipping to 50-60 degree welcome weather for our arrival. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Skincare Empties and Reviews

This post is heavy on Ole Henriksen products.  My cousin Linda loves her beauty and skincare, and she generously gives away her extras to the family. And she had some Ole Henriksen extras. A perfect opportunity for me to try out the line!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life in Pics: Rooney Mara, Tacos, and the Best Shabu Shabu Ever

Yes, we had a blizzard! I'm sure your social media timeline was assaulted with billions of snow photos.  I thought it was beautiful!

Hello, Ansonia.

And if you read my past post, you know that I got to reap some of the benefits of getting snowed in.  A free stay at The Palace Hotel.  

View outside the window

I wish all of my girlfriends could have joined me in the hotel room. We could have reenacted the sleepover scene from 13 Going on 30.  "Love is a battlefield!"
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Monday, February 1, 2016

My 2 Years with ClassPass! One Fee, Various Studios

Here's my fitness background. I did not have regularly scheduled workouts until 2014. Yes, that means that most of my adult life was spent NOT being active.  Eek.

I had gym memberships, but my money was basically a donation since I hardly ever went.  Gyms were boring so I would try out a fun studio here and there, but my budget would only allow for a class or two. These NYC prices are pretty steep! We are talking on average $25-35/class. Even if you buy a package deal, it can be an investment. For example, Barry's Boot Camp is $35/class. The 10-pack is still $320. And that's without taxes, my friends.

Then came ClassPass with its monthly membership fee which includes access to a huge network of fitness studios worldwide.  The fee is $79-$125 depending on your location. 

You can take a class at any of the hundreds of participating studios. Try them all if you want! You can visit a specific studio up to 3 times per monthly cycle. And if you decide that you want to attend more than 3 classes at a studio, you can buy the extra classes through ClassPass at a preferred rate. 

This meant I could do Barry's Boot Camp for less. Yes! 
(You guys, it's a crazy good workout.)