Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flavor of the Month! Or maybe the Year!

Remember that chef who made his signature move of sprinkling his final choice of topping to his meal with a "BAM!"  I believe his name was Emeril, and the last time I heard his booming voice yelling "BAM!" was on a toothpaste commercial.  Anyway, that catchphrase accurately describes what truffle oil does to it finishes it.  It may go on with a slow drizzle, but man, there is something that awakens your palate and ...maybe even your nether regions.

I'm not kidding.  You look up truffle oil and the words used to describe it include "sensual", "aphrodisiac", and "seductive".  Heterosexual men and lesbians, take note.  Apparently, women say it takes them to heaven.  Thank me later.  ("Men, take note" has a quick, more punchy sound to it.  But I realized that not all men want to lure women and that some women do.  Man, it's difficult to be socially aware at all times. I guess that's why Cosmo doesn't even try. "Ladies, 100 different ways to make your man climax!")

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I learned how to tie knots in Boy Scouts!

Remember that music video I mentioned in my last post.  Well, here it is... Pull the Plug.  Do you see me?  I advise you to squint your eyes and cock your head sideways.

I actually got to drive the getaway car.  It's kind of interesting maneuvering the car with a cameraman squished in the seat next to you and trying to look hard and interacting with the singer all while making sure I didn't kill any of us.

When I first arrived to the set, the director came up to me and asked, "Can you drive?"  I nodded and replied:  "Are you asking me that because I'm Asian?" *laughter and a round of "OHHHHHs" in the room*

Director, looking a bit sheepish:  "Actually...yeah, we did discuss that factor".