Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Settled...

Happy 2013, everyone! I'm only about 18 days late, right? 

I was in beautiful Mexico for the first part of January.

Ah....I miss the breeze. Another margarita, please.
I started off the year right with a most fantastic audition.  A dream audition, if you will. A comedy. Shot in the city. With a wonderful actor. And it would be a recurring role.  I had to send in a video audition since I was in Meh-hico. That was a bit stressful. But it's done!

Another way I started off the year right is by using EVERY single item I brought on the trip.  I find that my overpacking is reflective of my life.  I buy way too many things that I don't use and allow to expire. So this year, I vow to USE to things I already have.  And that started on this trip.

I wore every outfit I brought:

I even wore my wedding shoes! And a Target clutch my friend bought me.  What a professionally shot photo in the hotel bathroom! And the petals on the floor! (The hotel staff put that all over the bed. It was such a sweet gesture. But honestly, it's a pain to clean up.  Do people just roll around in the bed with those petals and fall asleep?)

Target Limited Edition French Riviera Clutch: a gift from a friend!

My wedding shoes are a gold version of these!
image via

I also hope to be updating my blog more frequently. Do more posts, even if they are simple and short!

I'm really excited about this year and hope you are, too!

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