Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happiness Habits

When I work out, I feel good.  For me, the best habit is to get exercise early in the morning and start off the day right.  For me, later work out times tend to lead to THE UNRAVELING. Things just come up during the day. Important things like happy hour.

I'm happy when I'm creative. That means being imaginative. Writing. Brainstorming. Editing videos. Playing. And I'm discovering other ways to create. Even cooking.  The process of measuring ingredients out, modifying the plan according to taste, and getting active with your hands...chopping, mixing, sprinkling. I don't know.  It kind of triggers something in my mind.  Like a forgotten, dusty unused part of the brain that was last activated during some random arts and crafts project.  There's something to be said about working with your hands as opposed to sitting in front of the computer and "making stuff". 

My summer has been filled with reading.  It's always been tough to squeeze in some time to read. And sometimes when you want to unwind, it's tempting to just reach for a junky magazine.  I made a concerted effort to read books on acting, relationships, and improving one's lifestyle (Who's not into getting more out of life?)  Look, when I say I made a concerted effort, I literally bribed myself. "If you read this, you will get to eat a fat pizza."  Which is pretty much what also gets me to work out. In addition to the books below, some recommendations are The Power of Less and The Creative Habit (ding ding!)

Another key thing in my life is making time for the people you love, but also the people who make you feel good.  It can be HARD with hectic schedules.  Also, I'm kind of obsessive about building my career so I feel guilty at times about going out for fun. It's stupid. Anyway, especially since I pick up last minute jobs, it can be difficult committing to dates and dinner plans (I KNOW that some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. Sorry!)  So, sometimes, it's gotta be a quickie lunch. You just have to make it happen. 

With my LA friends, our group text messages always make me smile. It's a little connection, but I love it.  In NY, I also have weekly acting accountability groups and buddies, and they are so important to me. Because they're actors and get it (actors are crazy, guys), but they are a huge factor in why I am not banging my head against the wall. In this industry, it's easy to feel like a big, fat loser.  You're going around thinking about all the things you didn't book that you forget about the accomplishments. So it helps when people remind you of them and celebrate!

Which I believe is a great habit to add to life.  Get into the habit of acknowledging your achievements!

What habits contribute to your happiness? 

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