Monday, January 31, 2011

Just because...

I'm at Starbucks gazing out of the window sipping on "Calming" tea with classical music playing in the background.  Obviously, I'm not just gazing out the window...otherwise, these words wouldn't be getting typed right now.  Anyway, with all of the above mentioned factors coming into play, one cannot fight the urge to write.  Come on!  There's a whimsical snowy setting of the city right in front of my eyes! (I will ignore the dog taking a gigantic dump onto a pile of said snow.)

Besides creating blogging magic, I am waiting to meet my friend for lunch. It's been a strategic little scheduling game of fitting in social time with pals. With a lot of the evenings being taken up by rehearsals or shoots, I have to resort to squeezing myself into people's lunch breaks.  I had breakfast with my other friend right after we re-registered for a casting company so that mixed in a little errand AND fun time.  I really, really try to be productive. But I also love my friends so much that if it got to the point our schedules didn't allow for a proper meal together, I'd gladly go to their homes, chat for a few minutes before tucking them into bed. Hold me to it!  I don't care! I could see how you may think my idea is weird...

I have been a little nostalgic about the West Coast. I am still trying to figure out how California will play a role in my future.  Or will it? (It better!)

Usually I'm just so blown away by the energy here in NYC that I don't think about the question of moving back to LA.  Perhaps I just need a visit back soon.

I had planned on going this month, but things didn't work out that way.  I got my first role in a play so rehearsals are running through March, and I was offered a role in a feature film so that will be additional rehearsal time.  I am still working on Potty Mouth TV as the host.  I love the Potty Mouth team, and the highlight of last week was interviewing Paul Iacono of MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger. I've been getting even more practice in front of the camera on News Butterfly TV.

Being around talented people definitely motivates me to improve my own skills. TV Hosting class, acting workshop, improv class...yup, those are all great ideas. But they also involve something called "money".  I guess it's not a problem for porn stars who hang out with Charlie Sheen and receive a $30,000 check for cash (back story here though  I pretty much summed it up! )

But I'm not a porn star, nor do I hang out with Charlie Sheen.  Oh, and I don't do blow.  Oh well.  I'm still rich.  Spiritually.  (Ok, that is SO MUCH FUNNIER when Daniel Tosh says it.)

The internet is such an amazing thing.  I find stories on it that keep me going!  Check out Giuliana Rancic's story on how she sent in her video to E! about 20 times.  And look where she is now!

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Happy New Week, guys!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Miss you on the West Coast.

    Mike Kwok

  2. The master Korean...wonder who that is.

    Hi Mr. Kwok! Miss all of you on the West Coast. Keep sharing your retirement fun stories!