Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain, rain...go away

Rain may not listen to you when you pray, do a reverse rain dance, or throw a fit for it to leave.  But that melancholy weather can put you in a great DIY (do it yourself) mood. As in a DIY funky manicure!

Before recycling your newspapers (because I know you do!), why not wear them?

Shown in Sally Hensen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow

Shown in Fiji by Essie. I liked this color better, but this was my first test run so it was more messy.

Stole the idea from here .

But here is my version of it with my suggestions:

1)  Put on nail color. I like 2 coats. Make sure nails are DRY! Nail polish at beauty supply stores are much cheaper.

2) I found that the newspaper ink went on darker if I skipped the top coat they suggested to put on after the nail color. So I just went straight to dipping my fingernail in the alcohol. I used tequila. It worked fine...I just ignored the smell of horrible hangovers and spring break.  Remember to go through the process with each nail separately. (I am sorry if that tidbit insulted your intelligence. Sometimes instructions can be confusing!)

3) Press the newspaper onto one nail for about 4 seconds. Make sure you press along your entire nail or you will only get letters on some part of your nails (which can look good if that's what you're going for.)

4) Peel off slowly.

5) Put on top coat. I like SHINY.

You could do different colored nails, do every other nail, or my fave...put offensive language on your nails (you'd be surprised by how many naughty words are in casting notices). I hope you have fun doing your own version.


  1. i think the Sunday comics are a lot more fun than news print and they're so colorful.
    Cut the newspaper in the shape of your nails. It makes it easier to apply.

    Thanks Erica Cho. You rock!

  2. That sounds awesome. YOU rock, you mystery creative genius you.

  3. I'd like to see you use Korean newspaper on your nails!

  4. Berry nice. Too bad I don't live with my mom anymore.