Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't You Hate Pulling Your Keys Out of Your Bra?

So you're having a night on the town with the girls! Whooo hooo! But where do you stash all your cash, keys, card, etc?

Yeah, there I am with my black clutch. It makes it so inconvenient to display all of my brilliant dance moves when I have to carry a purse. (Do you ever see someone do an awesome robot holding a purse???)  Or if you're just prone to being a hot, drunk mess, you will prooooobably not be very good at keeping up with your belongings.

Well, that's where Cuffs Couture comes in!

You can fit your stuff into a cuff that zips up to securely hold all of your things.

Cuffs are very in, and there are plenty of styles to choose from here .

I personally love the Raven one!


Anyway, the cuffs run from $25 and up on the Cuffs Couture website. But there are some great discounts through Jeannie Mai's Open Sky page here.  Cuffs like the Raven one I love that are $58 on Cuffs Couture's site are only $23 on Open Sky.

You can sign up for Open Sky for free through this invitation. The cuffs are going quick. If you can't wait, go to Cuffs Couture or win one for FREE!!

Watch her video to find out about her beauty contest where you can win a Cuffs Couture!

By the way, Jeannie is an awesome chica. She hosts How Do I Look? on the Style Network and just booked a gig on NBC's new show Fashion Star!  She's done a makeover on me before, and she is the nicest person ever. And can we talk about her fashion?! To die for!

If you buy or win this cute  "clutch-on-your-arm", let me know what you think! Or even if you don't try one, what do you think of the idea?

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