Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've been replaced...

First of all, my mom ignored all of my phone calls for a week and decided to give me a much-appreciated (NOT REALLY) wake-up call at 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning only to ask me to pay something online. My mom has yet to grasp the workings of the interwebs. When I called her back to tell her I paid it, she never picked up.

Then while I had a relaxing (read: old) Friday night with my man, my mom was out until the wee hours of the morning singing karaoke with the girl who rents out a room in our house. This young lady happens to be my age. And apparently, she's so cool and sooooo smart and picked up my mom in a "open car". It took me forever to figure out my mom meant a CONVERTIBLE. "Open car?!" Really....

Yeah, I'm hating. I see what my mom is doing. Well played.

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