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I just recently started selling Mark products, and some of my friends wanted advice on what to get.

Here are my thoughts! And yes, they are honest! These are just going to be brief reviews, and I will go into specifics with more products/colors in later posts.

For $5, the Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadows are a steal. (The Metallics are $6.) People compare the quality in pigmentation to MAC and Stila shadows. I use MAC, and I don't see a difference.  Reading about the shadows, the best results seem to come from using it over a primer such as MAC's Paint Pot (which I use!)

Popular starter shadows are Tiki and Gioia.

Yes, to their blush!

One thing I will say about the eye shadow and blush, however. They don't come in cases, so you may have to buy their Snap to It cases that house blush/eye shadow combos. Some people rig their other makeup cases to fit the Mark makeup into it.

So at first, I was really hesitant for people to buy the Mark lipgloss because when I received them, they looked really small!

They are part of Mark's Hook up line where you connect two compact makeup products together.

I got over the size and tried it in Pink Crush. Oh my God. Mark gloss is seriously my new favorite lip gloss. It goes on so smoothly and has NO nasty sticky feeling.  I'm not exaggerating when I said it makes me want to keep rubbing my lips together...forever. And BONUS: It tastes great.

I was thinking about the $6 price for each gloss when I looked down and saw I had an Estee Lauder Pure Color Duo Lip Chromatix gloss nearly identical in size.

But the Estee Lauder one runs from $20-25 online AND it isn't as good, smells gross, and tastes horrible. I would highly recommend the Mark gloss. Ask me about samples so you can try it for yourself!

I tried both the Mark mascaras Scanda-lash and Lash All You Want, and I can't really tell the difference between the mascaras in what they do.  All I know is that with either mascara, my lashes look more full, long, and...NO smudges! Love them! I would go for Lash All You Want. For $4 more, you get about twice more. The Scandalash is part of the Hook Ups mini series.

Below are products to be cautious about...

I bought this bag, and I actually love it a lot. It is my new "on-the-go" edgy bag. It's perfect for putting my headshots in its plastic holder, makeup, and clothes for auditions. However, the bag looks a lot more distressed in person. It looks practically gray. And I definitely don't think it's worth $60. If you want to see mine and STILL want one, I can give you a deal.

I have this, but haven't tried it yet. I will let you know how it is, but I have read that the Mark eyeliner products with this skinny brush are hard to use. Maybe it's just people who don't know how to use the liquid liner?

 I bought this No Place To Run Eyeliner in Solid Gold.

 I LOVE how soft the eyeliner is. It doesn't do that "pulling your eye skin" thing that some rubbery eyeliners do. The liner glides on very nicely. It is supposed to last all day. I don't see it smudging it at all, but I don't know if it's because it's gold and not as noticeable! I will have to do another run with a darker color. BUT what I do KNOW now is that you have to buy a Mark sharpener. What would normally be wood in liners is plastic. I had no idea how to sharpen it, so I was trying to twist and turn the pencil. The mystery is solved, but that is really annoying that you can't just use a regular sharpener! I may give it a whirl in my regular sharpener though.  Hope it doesn't break.

I think that's about it but for the iffy products. And remember, Mark has an awesome return policy so whatever product you're not satisfied with, you can return whenever you want. Also, for cosmetics and lotions, you don't even need to return them. Just send the original invoice. Easy!

Here are Mark products that received awards!

I have this one! Great buy and I'm a little addicted to the clicky end that dispenses the gloss. It goes on as gloss and ends as a long-lasting lip stain!

See! The Mark Glow Baby Glow gloss that I was raving about above was one of Allure editors' picks in the September 2011 issue!

The Mark Get Bright Hook Up Highlighter won a 2011 Allure Best of Beauty Award

Don't forget to check out our Last Chance clearance section before items disappear! I've been eyeballing this purse for $19.99, and I'm scared it'll be gone the next time I go online.

 The current promos are:

 FREE Mark hook up connector with the purchase of any two hook up products.

FREE SHIPPING with code WELCOME on any first order at my eBoutique.

You already made your first purchase? No worries. FREE SHIPPING with code MARKFS30  on any purchase $30 or more.

That's all I got for my tips for my Mark eBoutique

Love & Lip Gloss,


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