Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Destination Wedding Date ROULETTE

Asking someone you are seeing to be your wedding date can be a little tricky. Sure, maybe you just want someone to hold your purse or have a guaranteed dinner conversation partner. Or maaaaaybe, you really want that person to know that you like him/her out of ALL the people you're dating and are willing to show that person off to your circle of friends and family. (What a hoot.)

Or maybe you just want someone to share the cost of a hotel room.

What? Ok, I'm merely joking, but there's some truth to it.  Finding a date to a local wedding isn't a big deal. Going stag for several hours might even be a blast.

But when it comes to asking someone to a destination wedding, you're bringing in a whole set of new factors. And I really wasn't aware of it until I started planning my own destination wedding.

Friends who just started dating someone have no idea if their romance will last until the wedding day. Do they share a room with a friend or just reserve one room a) in hopes of still being with said new date and bringing him/her or b) in hopes of FINDING an awesome date to take? A lot can happen in a matter of months..geesh, even days!

I have already heard the fear, "I hope she doesn't break up with me by then." Already imagining a very lonely vacation in a very romantic a VERY expensive room. Imagining what could have been.

I totally get it. If it weren't my own wedding, I wouldn't know whether to check that "plus one" or not. Just kidding. Life is crazy and unpredictable. Forget about the stress of changing wedding date plans at the last minute; even weddings get postponed or canceled. Knock on wood!!

Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens in the coming months. All I know is that I hope all of my friends end up sharing the experience with someone they find awesome!!

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