Sunday, April 15, 2012

No One Will Ever Know...

Have you ever been in the situation where you're at someone's private home and you have to relieve yourself?  You know...gotta go #2?  Even worse, that person's bathroom belongs to the sexy new person you're dating? Yeah, it happens.

Nobody likes to leave a stinker and have someone use the restroom after you.  It's no fun seeing those judgmental eyes on you when they come out.  Those eyes accuse you of horrible things!

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There are a number of tricks to cover up the smell of your "business".  One of them includes lighting a match and blowing it out, leaving smoke to mask the unpleasant odor.

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Another solution comes from the innovative Japanese. They have variations of a product that traps and chemically breaks down the offending smell while releasing a fragrant scent into the air.  You just use a drop or two of the deodorizing liquid into the toilet before you use the bathroom, and like magic, you become one of those mythical women whose poops do smell like roses. Go you!

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Available on Amazon for $9.98

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Available on Amazon for $8.32

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Available at for $4.99

One-Drop is the only brand that I have used, and I can attest to its potency.  As the name suggests, one drop will do!  Don't worry; if you're feeling like it will be an unusually grueling toilet session, you will only need a couple of more drops.  The packaging is tiny, but this little sucker lasts forever!  I also love the fresh scent it leaves.
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You may also find the Japanese version of One-Drop at a Japanese market. That's where I bought mine. It's the same company, but I want to clarify that in case this formula is a little different.

My friend used One-Drop and Just a Drop, and she was not as satisfied with the results of Just a Drop.

Another piece of advice: Carry the bottle in a Ziploc bag to avoid any messes if it leaks.  You may want to leave the restroom stall smelling pretty, but you don't want your purse reeking of a highly concentrated chemical bath.

So what are you doing? Run out and buy deodorizing drops!  That way, the next time you're sitting in a line of stalls, you can smile and tell your neighbors, "You're welcome."

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