Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get a Little Boar in Your Hair - The Mason Pearson Brush

I was at a photo shoot recently talking to the hair stylist about detangling my hair.  She immediately gushed about the Mason Pearson brush, which got me extremely curious about the brand.

When I started my research on the brush, unimpressive photos popped up. The brush resembled something out of an old man's barber shop during colonial times. Or a tool to brush your horse's tail or remove the dirt off of your shoes.

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But I really should not judge the benefits of this brush by the look of its design.

Apparently, hair stylists and beauty magazines alike tout Mason Pearson as the holy grail of hair brushes.

The English brand is over a 100 years old, and is still handmade by a specialist whose work must meet strict quality control guidelines.  Mason Pearson brushes are known for their nylon and boar bristles that are supposed to do an amazing job of evenly distributing the oils and sebum from the scalp, resulting in shiny and stronger hair.  Every part of the brush seems to serve a grand purpose, as even the unique rubber-cushion pad is meant to stimulate circulation and to allow for every bristle to hit the scalp.

So why don't we all have one of these fantastic brushes in our possessions? Well, it might have something to do with the unfortunate price tag.  Prices average to about $170 for one brush and can go up to $290!

Are these brushes worth the cost?  While perusing through reviews, I did notice that users are able to get past the hefty investment and praise the powers of this brush.  You need volume, you got it.  You have a tangle issue, this is your answer.  The brush also distributes the oils in your hair nicely so that you can go another day without over washing your tresses.  If you care about personalization, the company also has an extensive list of brushes that are specific to your needs. Mason Pearson Brush Guide

And the brush seems to last forever, with people even passing it down to the next generation!

Be careful with that brush, Jr! It's $170!
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I'm still on the fence about this luxury brush, but if you dare to buy one, I read that one should wait until or has a sale on the brushes.

I will definitely look into any good substitutes for the Almighty Mason Pearson brush and share them with you!!  Of course!

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