Thursday, March 8, 2012

Victoria's Secret at the Gym

Because I am very small on top (even that is a generous way to put it), if I wear a sports bra, I resemble an 11-year-old boy.  Therefore, I tend to avoid sports bras altogether.

Recently, I was asked to wear a sports bra to an audition and obviously, I wanted to look good.  I started asking around about padded sports bras because I figured that they should exist for us less endowed ladies.  My friend said she saw some at Victoria's Secret, which shouldn't have surprised me. That SHOULD have been the first place I researched. Apparently, the line is pretty new and readily available online but only offered at one location when I looked around NYC.

Of the sports bras in the VSX Sexy Sport line, the VS Runway Sports Bra has the push-up padding.

 They have a great adjustable back closure (like a real bra). They are priced at $44.50.

I love this sports bra and would highly recommend it for the members of the "itty bitty titty committee" or if you just want some Oomph to your curves when you're working out.

Nothing wrong with faking it!


  1. i wonder if they have an equivalent for male like a padded jockstrap for the members of the "itty bitty cocky committee"...nothing wrong with faking it!

  2. Ha ha! Actually, there are padded underwear like to use the excuse it protects their "nothing wrong with my size!" equipment. But there are ALSO male padded rump underwear.

  3. this is when a joke gone too far moment...