Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reuse That Toilet Paper Roll

Before throwing away the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels, consider other uses for them.

Our buddy, Molly, shared an idea in which you cut a toilet paper or paper towel roll lengthwise and cuff it around a tube of gift wrapping paper to prevent it from unrolling.  It will also help a roll of wrapping paper without a tube stay rolled up.


You can also store appliance cords and keep them tangle-free by looping them and sticking them inside a cardboard roll.

image courtesy of Real Simple

image courtesy of Lifehacker Australia

You can also keep those Christmas lights tangle-free!

image courtesy of

Protect your panty hose and tights in your drawers!

List of other things you can do with cardboard rolls!

* Store & protect documents or kids' artwork by rolling them up inside

*Place all of your hair bands around a roll

*Use to place small gifts in and wrap around the roll, tying each end off with a ribbon

*Keep linens crease-free by wrapping them around a roll instead of folding them

More ideas here and here

Never underestimate the power of the cardboard roll!

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