Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Bed, Bath & Beyond doesn't want you to know!

The Tricky Expiration Date

First of all, you know those blue & white coupons for 20% off that we get in the mail? You knooooow the ones.  The ones you always curse yourselves for not using by the expiration date.

Well, these coupons never truly expire! Just take in the "expired" coupon and use it.

The only Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons that do expire are online coupons.

If You Really Want To Save...

Unlike many stores, Bed, Bath & Beyond, allows you to use multiple coupons at the same time. The three main types of coupons include:

1. 20% off any single item

2. $5 off any purchase ($15 or more)

3. 20% off your entire purchase

If an item costs $25 or more and you only want to use one coupon, use the 20% off coupon. You will be saving $6, which is better than the $5 off coupon.  Of course, using the rare 20% off your entire purchase coupons is great for a hefty shopping session.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Takes Competitors' Coupons

Self-explanatory, yes?

Amazing Return Policy

I had written a post regarding stores with the best return policies.  Bed, Bath & Beyond is a nice addition. They have quite a liberal return policy, in which they accept pretty much anything with or without the receipt. Depending on the rep with whom you speak, you could have hassle-free process of getting a store credit or refund.

I verified the above by calling a local Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Now, don't be sad that you threw away those coupons you thought had expired. You can always sign up online to get on their email list, which sends coupons out more frequently.  But next time, don't throw out that coupon postcard in the mail! Save them up!

Happy Shopping!

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