Friday, February 3, 2012

Get Your TGIF-I'm-Ready-For-the-Weekend Face On!

It's been a loooooong week. And it's showing on your face. Here are some easy tricks to look more refreshed for when that clock hits 5!

Use brightening eye drops. It's the easiest, quickest way to make eyes look more awake. Visine does the trick, but shouldn't be used consistently.

A fantastic alternative to eye drops: White eyeliner on the inner, lower rim of your lash line. It is a classic makeup artist trick to brighten the eyes. If pure white feels too intense, go for a very pale pink, ivory, or even silver.

Benefit Eye Bright is a great pick-me-up for Bright Eyes $12 at Amazon

Avoid dark eye shadows. They cast the entire lid in darkness. Use a flesh-toned hue instead to even out skin tone, then top it with a sheer gold shadow, applied from lashline to crease.

Sonia Kashuk Razzle Dazzle Eyeshadow for $8 at Target

Sweeping white shadow on the inner corner also makes you look more alert.

Dust bronzer and blush for the ultimate refreshed and ready-to-go-out look!
Rave reviews on the NARS highlighting bronzing duo available in various color combos. $41 at Sephora
One of Cosmo's great beauty sellers of 2011: Mark Glowdacious Bronzer $13 at Mark

Happy Friday!

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