Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some fun tips for some not-so-fun moments!

Ever feel the tears coming on at the worst time? Tilt your head up & look directly at an indoor light. It will constrict your pupils, making it hard for tears to pour out. Hold your breath & do math in your head. Crying comes from the emotional side; engaging the logical side will help override that.

If you've GOT to hold it in, get super distracted by anything...reading, texts, a conversation-just nothing funny! Sit up with your legs crossed one over the other, which relieves pressure on your bladder.
Popped a zit? Put something cold on it & slather on some benzoyl-peroxide or salycylic acid. If you don't have those products, mixing in some crushed aspirin with moisturizer reduces swelling and Visine will lessen the redness. Thanks, Cosmopolitan Magazine!

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