Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Would You...Tuxedo Stripes?

I remember hitting up my local Macy's and wearing this look back in high school.  I don't recall it being a huge fad.  (Yes,  I kind of marched to the beat of my own drum when it came to fashion.  Sometimes it worked. A lot of times it didn't.)

But now, I'm seeing many celebrities embracing this interesting hybrid of racing and tuxedo stripes on denim, leggings, leather, any material seems game!

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Blakey Lively and Miranda Kerr paired their stripes with a simple white top and heels.  These two tall gals don't need it, but a benefit of the stripes is the great illusion of elongating your legs.

The thicker stripes on Blake's pants and her more loose fit can lean toward resembling track pants. However, she manages to dress her pants up with statement jewelry, a dressy blouse, and feminine shoes.

I want to reiterate the key point of nice, fitted pants to go with the tuxedo stripe. I recall being in Korea in 2003 and seeing all of these women wearing actual workout track pants that were baggy with heels. Twas not a good look, in my opinion.

To get your own pair of similar pants, check out Rag & Bone tuxedo jeans and leggings online or at Nordstrom.
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These are pants nearly identical to what I had in high school and brought into my college years!  I have a thing for slightly masculine style. Epaulettes, suits, hints of military's no wonder I am a fan of tuxedo stripes.  However, I enjoy the more subtle look chosen by Kristen Stewart here.  Black on black, with just a hint of contrasting materials...a leather stripe is delicious!

You can get the Hudson LeeLoo Super Skinny Crop Jeans (black with leather stripe $242) here.

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Jessica Alba is also rocking a pair of Hudson LeeLoo Super Skinny Crop Jeans in Blue My Mind ($198). 

If you want to avoid the $200+ price tag, there are other fantastic options at affordable prices.  

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Romeo & Juliet Couture Tuxedo Stripe Ponte, $31.99 at

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Aqua Luxe Denim Leggings with Sequin Tuxedo Stripe, $61 at

Other recommended stores: Loemann's, Zappo's, and Forever 21.

Are you feeling this look? Or do these stripes need to just stay on work out and tuxedo pants?

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