Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adventures in Nail Art: Pyramid Scheme

I got my nails done for a shoot. Just a classic manicure in Essie's Cabi-o-lait.

Then I did Tough Mudder a couple of days later...


I needed to redo my nails STAT. So I got down to business by taking some cues from a Real Simple article with nail art designs.

Here's the DIY steps:

Start off with a clear base coat.

First, I chose a color for the "background".  This is Sinful Colors in "See You Soon." 
Getting it all over my cuticles.

I picked this golden L'Oreal polish in Dive Bomb for my "pyramids".

Then I tried THIS tape method:

image via Chloe's Nails

BUT because I was too impatient to let the first color dry all the way, the tape pulled off parts of the polish. Good one, Erica.

So I ended up just painting a triangle on my nail and filling it in.  I used the edge of a folded paper to push the gold polish edges into straighter lines if they looked a little wobbly and drunk.  Then if necessary, I repainted blue over any gold messes.  It wasn't the best strategy since I was only using the nail polish brush.  Not.very.precise. 

The thumb nail came out ok.

Then things started getting sloppy.  My pinkie nail has a really lopsided triangle.

Remember to use a top coat at the end.  I also use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean any excess polish around the nail edges.

 I really love the color combination!  If I were to do it again, I'd use some legitimate nail art brushes...skinny ones!  Or the Scotch tape method, making sure the first coat of color is completely dry.

Would you try this design? 

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