Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life in Pics

Talk about blast from the past on Sunday. We went to the New Kids on the Block "The Main Event Tour" featuring Nelly + TLC at Madison Square Garden.  

Nelly still looking ripped.  You best believe all the ladies were doing their best Kelly Rowland impression and screaming, "I....love...you, and I....need you!" Yes, including me. Because it reminds me of rolling around Atlanta in my Path Finder in the summer of 2002 having the best time of my life! (Actually, I worked at Dave + Buster's, and it was probably the worst summer ever).

TLC= still crazy sexy cool
RIP LeftEye
They got me obsessed with those satin pjs they sported in the "Creep" music video. 
I'm still obsessed with Chilli's abs. #goals

Random pics from the past month.

Andrew at Lincoln Center

I've been working out... 

and trying to be good about eating.

Been cooking 
"For the Watch!"

Even brought some healthy treats to the beach. The sandwiches probably aren't that healthy, but they are our classics! Cracked pepper smoked turkey breast with cheddar, arugula, and pickles! Mmm.

Robert Moses Beach

But then stuff like this happens

FREE Shake Shack for Delta credit card holders. 

Then ABC Kitchen for Taryn's birthday. 
Crab Toast with lemon aioli

Asparagus bacon ricotta pizza- meh. We should have gotten the Mushrooms parmesan, oregano and farm egg pizza

Housemade Ricotta Ravioli herbs and tomato sauce- YES!


So the only thing healthy that we got was this: Roast Carrot And Avocado Salad crunchy seeds, sour cream and citrus- delicious!

You're so gorgeous, ABC Kitchen!

I also had the pleasure of taking Andrew out for our anniversary.  To the Nomad for the Roast Chicken for 2 dinner. He was so excited about the roast chicken at Charlie Bird that I knew that he would appreciate the foie gras, black truffle, and brioche cooked underneath the skin of the chicken. 

They actually present the chicken before it is cut. And it looked like this:

If you go, please try the slow-poached eggs with quinoa, parmesan, and asparagus.  Talk about some frothy goodness on top!

Of course, we couldn't leave without enjoying a dessert. Milk & Honey was it! Shortbread, brittle, and ice cream. A perfect ending!

First time at the speakeasy Please Don't Tell, where you call and enter through a hot dog joint named Crif Dogs.


Made it! Perfect time for a Mezcal Mule...

and some tater tots. And why not a hot dog with kimchi in it?

Stunning lounge but the rooftop space is VERY limited.

There is a quaint little indoor bar on the same floor as the rooftop area

Hanging out in the West Village


Then getting stuck in my elevator

Six Flags

Rode the world's tallest roller coaster multiple times. Kingda ka!
I gotta give Jamie credit. She hadn't gone to an amusement park since middle school, and our first ride of the day was Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. The world's tallest drop tower. You should have seen her face and heard her scream...before even getting in line.

I got older Korean ajuma look here. 

I get really excited about seeing animals.  But I'm not sure if Six Flags has the best interest in these little creatures.  It's confusing because most of the animals have a lot of space to roam.  However, the predators are contained in smaller areas.  Six Flags has partnered up with Conserve Wildlife on projects in the past. But now Six Flags wants to cut down 90 acres of wooded area for a solar farm. See article here.  Bummer!

"Transparent" screening and reception

Gaby Hoffman was so sweet and open.  We got into some feminism talk.  Much needed in the entertainment industry for sure.

Amazon is awesome.  SAG is awesome.  All the yummy treats + drinks at the beautiful Paley Center for Media were awesome. 

Thankful for the chats. Jeffrey Tambor giving all the credit to the writer Jill Soloway.

And the lovely Judith Light! She was so so so gracious and thankful to be doing what she does. 

I applaud Jill Soloway for establishing such a safe and positive environment to act and create.  Hoping Hollywood takes her cue! 

Thanks for reading! I know it was a long one, but I wanted to catch up!

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