Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life in Pics: From Williamsburgh to Long Island. It's Summer, Baby!

Have you ever put off shopping for an event until the last minute? I know I'm not alone in this.  Well, my procrastination led to me shopping at 9am before work.  I am now convinced that this is the ONLY time I should go shopping in New York City.  No insane lines at the cash register.  No piles of clothes on the floor, no body checking by the hordes of tourists AND New Yorkers fighting for the last $15 Aztec print crop top (can you tell I'm talking about H&M and not a high end shop on Madison Ave?) 
I tried to go for something that strayed from my usual style.  Also, it looked really good on the mannequin.  I don't know.  It felt more like a dressing gown...something I should wear at home with curlers in my hair.

Yo, H&M. Your fitting room lights. They make look like I'm balding.  Or maybe I am?  Another year passes, less hair, right?

Actually, maybe I do have a bald spot! Because on set, the hair people are always filling in that area with powder.  I always thought I just had an uneven widow's peak. Ha!
This is my hair after being in a bun. BIG.

Hung out in Brooklyn Heights one weekend.  Exploring areas of NY doesn't have to cost a thing.

See, you can get bed bugs for free!

Our friend made different kinds of homemade pizza.

Upper West Side

I tried to make my 4th of July Dinosaur bbq lunch by the Hudson look cute and Instagram worthy.  But it looked like I was eating in a prison yard.  Like a last meal before execution. 

I had a pretty low-key, uneventful holiday weekend, but I went downtown to cheer on the US Women's Soccer team during the parade.

I rarely hang out in the Lower East Side, but "The Boil" kept bringing me back!

When I sent my mom this pic, she responded, "It looks like you have body parts in that bag. Like those crime shows." I think she's been watching Dexter.  Those "body parts" are actually Dungeness Crab parts soaked in The Boil's signature spicy sauce. We also had bags of clams and shrimp. I'm salivating just typing this. Although they have delicious Cajun fries, I like to get regular fries and dip them in the remaining sauce. 

I present to you...Traffic in the LES

Walk from The Boil to the subway station. 
Bowery Street

If you have a long wait at The Boil, I recommend getting coffee or an adult beverage at Berkli Parc Cafe.  Really cute place with daily happy hour specials.

I watched my first ballet in NYC!  Cinderella at the Met Opera.

A little champagne happy hour on Broadway across from Lincoln Center.

My mom thought the balcony seats were shoe pocket organizers. Like the ones that hang on the inside of a closet door.

I rarely go out, but I experienced some night life the past couple of weeks.

Dancing at a Kangol Radio party

Dancing at M 1-5 lounge. Yeah, I know. It's strange what we are doing.
I love this place for its unpretentious attitude, good live DJ music, and happy hour from 4-10pm! No cover charge is a bonus. Because cover charges suck.

Went to Joe's Pub to see cabaret singer Bridget Everett.  She is so funny, and boy, does she go THERE. Her greatest hits include lyrics such as:"I got these beavertail titties/Put 'em in the air".  What a crazy show! Not for the faint of heart. 

Lip Sync Battle at Central Park's Summer Stage.  A lot of events at Central Park are free! Take advantage of it.  

Julianne Hough lip synced to "Chumbawamba".  So Chrissy Teigen got a whiskey drink and a vodka drink (Do you remember the lyrics???  Maybe you're too young.)  LL Cool J refused to drink them.

I've been trying out work spaces in the city.  

Everyone raves about Ace Hotel for its laptop-friendly lobby.  I will say that it is gorgeous inside, but be ready to fight for a spot!  I had to wedge myself between two people on the couch before an individual chair became available.  It reminded me of a college study hall or library. 
There is an on-site cafe that offers Stumptown Coffee Roasters beverages.

This is the vertical garden at the David Rubenstein Atrium across from Lincoln Center. I had to leave because it smelled funky in there.  Like bodies that needed a bathing.  If you're in the area, try sitting under the trees near Lincoln Center for fresh air.  Chairs are available there for relaxing.  Sorry, no outlets or tables.

The Highline Hotel was also a beautiful space to relax and work...with some space! (And Intelligentsia coffee.)

Outside in the garden

Lobby area

Seating near the cafe

The Fly Barre class was bananas this morning.  Sometimes I want to scream, "But I'm not a real ballerina!!!"

I like to kill myself with workouts so that I can eat stuff like this.

Pork curry noodles at Laotian restaurant Khe-yo.

Chili Prawns

And this...more happy hour at Mermaid Inn.  Wow, I have a lot of happy hours in this post.  I swear, we usually don't eat out this much.  We are a Costco-centric, make-food-at-home folks.  End of June/July has been splurge time.  But it's like, how can you pass up $1 oysters?!

The Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg.  Did anyone else find this super greasy?  

Oh yeah, that's because they are sizzling in a pool of grease.  That may or may not be your thing.  I wish the sauce was a bit more savory rather than sweet.  It's definitely a statement burger and something to check off your list. 

No entrance fee to Smorgasburg.  So many booths, so little time! 

While in Williamsburg, we enjoyed an authentic Japanese breakfast at Okonomi.

That's rice with bonito, a poached egg, and miso soup on the left.  GET THE POACHED EGG.  You mix it in with the rice...and foodgasm. I have never used that term before, but it is so fitting for that experience, I want to cry. 

You pick a set breakfast based on the fish choice.  I had the striped sea bass while Andrew got tuna. Mine was TOPS! I don't really do fish in the morning (rarely do I touch lox), but this was amazing.  You also get what I call teaser portions of corn, omelette, pickled veggies, and clam lips (whuuu? sounds gross, but yum). I'm missing something, but I don't remember what it was.  Sometimes I get distracted by my own hunger to stop and record everything.  Which is why I could never be a food critic.  Also, because my criticisms would basically be "gross", "yumm", "amazing". Yup.
Despite the small serving sizes, I was pleasantly full after the meal!  If I ate more like this all the time....

 From Robert Moses Beach on Sunday

Summer's flying by!
What have you been up to?

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