Thursday, July 30, 2015

Puerto Rico Part 2: Rincon

Destination weddings are such a great opportunity to explore a new area.  

Our friends chose a beautiful location in Rincon to say their vows. 

The entrance to the swimming pool area, which was the site of a cute pre-wedding night of dancing and eating.

Using limes in centerpieces. I dig it.

What a great night. This was before the intense dance-a-thon and people being thrown into the pool.

We stayed at the Villas at the Horned Dorset Primavera, which was next door to the main hotel establishment.  You guys, it was absolutely gorgeous! And the caretakers Manual and Isabel are very, very sweet and helpful. Definitely look into this property if you're ever in the area!

When you walk in, the front door opens up to the living room.

You see those those cedar doors with windows...they open up to a mini pool!

Yes, I was very excited about it.

The backyard view

You know, just imagining starting every morning with a little meditation in my private plunge pool.

Or actually, better yet...let me enjoy the villas' infinity pool every morning. According to their vrbo site, the pool was featured in Travel and Leisure magazine. I'm not surprised.  It's so beautiful.

Oh, yes. Continuing the villa tour.
This is the upstairs bedroom.

Across from the bed is the...sitting area?

I love his and hers sink areas. Andrew and I ALWAYS manage to get in each other's way when we are getting ready.  I think it's more Andrew than me.  It's like he has this weird knack for sitting there at the computer pecking away and RIGHT when I need to go to the bathroom, his elbows magically appear in my face as he rummages in the medicine cabinet while I'm trying to brush my teeth. Or wait, this is the best...when I reach for something across the sink at the same moment he spits out his toothpaste foam.  
Our timing is just off at times. I'll be trying to talk to him and ohhhhh, he needs to decompress, he's in the middle of something, etc. And so when I leave him alone, settle down to do work, and am FINALLY in the zone, guess who wanders over to talk and peer over at my screen and do things that are in general distracting?  Andrew likes to make fun of me because when I see he is about to creep up and bother me while I'm working, I make a loud declaration of "OFFICE HOURS!" Sometimes he randomly screeches "Office hours!" just to tease me. He says I sound like a pterodactyl.

We love to annoy each other.

Oh, right. Ok, last photo of the villa tour.  Back to the bathroom.  
I love LOVE taking baths.  I don't do it as often as I should at home.  It's this "Ahhh! I don't have enough time for a bath. Shower, it is!" mentality that goes along with the fast pace of the city that unfortunately makes me feel pressured to always take shortcuts in life. When, honestly, I could benefit greatly from a relaxing warm bath surrounded by fire hazardous candles.  Anyway, this bathtub made me feel so spoiled. I know that it might be pretty basic for some people, but to me, it was quite luxurious. All it needed was to be propped up on some lion's feet/clawfeet for that regal experience!

The breakfasts at the hotel were so tasty (always googling synonyms for "delicious").


Nummy - yes, that's one of the synonyms.

Breakfast view

Swimming with these gals!

The hotel lobby had these two toilets in the bathroom.  Does one hold another person's hand on the throne for moral support during a bad case of the scoots?

Right before the wedding!  

As for food in Rincon, we loved eating at La Cambija.  We knew it was locals-approved. The villas caretakers Manual and Isabel recommended it. We even ran into them there and ended up sharing a meal together.

One of their fish tacos. I wish I had gotten better pictures. Everything was DELICIOUS.

I also didn't get any great pics of us surfing.  Rincon is known for its big surfer population and ...I guess, great surfing.  If you're here, definitely go for it.  It's such a fantastic workout, and I caught a few waves!  This is my sunburn from not wearing enough sunblock while on the board.  Or maybe I forgot to slather my arms! And that gnarly farmer's tan is from wearing my rashguard. 

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