Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November...Where's My Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Yup, it's the month of Thanksgiving.  So here are some things I've been grateful for:

Breaking Bad: what an awesome show! It's my man's guilty pleasure so I catch it sometimes when our viewing schedules happen to merge. We have "our" shows and then our own shows we are allowed to watch without the other giving any guilt trips. "His" show is Breaking Bad. Yes, couples are annoying. Haven't you noticed?

Case in point. Who do you usually go to the movie theater with? Your significant other, right? So then that's the person you usually catch previews with and get excited about a particular movie, only to promise that you will watch it with each other. Fast forward to you and a group of friends making last minute plans to get together and perfect! There is a showing in 5 minutes for a movie that everyone in the group has been dying to watch. Except you are shifting uncomfortably because you would be breaking that said promise if you watched it without your honey. Annoying!

What a tangent.

My improv class has also been a source of happiness. It is extremely scary having NO idea what the plan is for your performance or dialogue. I am getting more outside of my own crazy head. It is improv level 1, and we will be having our graduation show in December.  Someone get me some Depends because I will pee the stage!

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