Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Skin Routine

Real Simple's List of Picks for Flawless Skin got me thinking about what I regularly use and love!

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Plus, there's an easy-to-win giveaway at the end of this post!

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This is my all-time favorite facial cleanser. My mom made me try it years ago, and I couldn't get enough of the way it foams and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. You only need a dot of it to create a nice lather.  I hate cream cleansers that don't create any suds. It's like wiping your face with body lotion. Gross. The smell is pleasant, too. Like a light shampoo smell. This product says it "enhances skin smoothness and radiance". I believe it! The price is right, too!

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This eye cream also works against the signs of aging. Their claim: "Fewer wrinkles. Firmer skin. In just two weeks." I don't notice a big difference in fewer wrinkles because I don't have too many for comparison. But I guess it's good at keeping my eyes "as-is". Other plusses: It has broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 18 sunscreen protection and is fortified with Pro-Retinol A, Pro-Lastyl, and Criste Marine Extract. Why this is good: It increases cell turnover, reduces wrinkles, firm skin, and provides 24-hour hydration.

I like how it's maintaining my eyes. But I am in search of something that is a little less "wet" and absorbs easily into the skin. I also wouldn't mind an eye cream that DESTROYS the little crow's feet that do appear when I smile. Is there a miracle product? I'll stick with this until I find the ONE. Unfortunately, it will probably be more expensive. Boo.

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One of my favorite skincare lines: Regenerist.  The benefits of this serum are that is has anti-aging properties, smoothes the look of fine lines, evens skin tone, heals & protects, and hydrates to create firmer skin.  It also is fragrance-free for those of you who hate the smell of face products (I mean, it is RIGHT near your nose). I know someone who has experience working and making formulas for higher end skincare lines, and she says that Regenerist is high quality and a great value for the cost. You hear that? Regenerist all the way!

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There are fantastic reviews on how this lotion results in a GLOW and even skin tone. It is a tinted moisturizer so take note of which shade you are. I accidentally bought the "light/medium" shade, which I can only really use when I'm tan in the summer.  I noticed that I was hesitant to put it on because the color would get all over my hands. I usually dab on foundation here and there, so to rub something tinted into my face weirded me out a bit. I got over it, and I realized what a nice addition it was to my routine. In this day of multi-benefit products, it's an advantage to moisturize AND even out your skin in one step. Definity also has SPF 15 and anti-aging properties (I'm big on that!)  It has great, light coverage for when I don't need much makeup.

The helix design is nifty, too! The tinted part and white part are separate in the container, but come out mixed.

Get It: $14 at or check out Costco for deals

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This Regenerist product gets rave reviews by Olay users (so maybe that's a bias). This product boasts of containing the most concentrated amino-peptide complex to lift, firm, and micro-sculpt especially around the problem areas of the eyes, jawline, and neck. Besides your hands, we know that those spots are where the signs of aging first show up.  I really enjoy how soft my skin feels when I use this. I am hoping that everything stays tight and firm with this product. I will tell you that my friend who works in skincare says that this is pretty much her go-to cream. Nice!  It comes in Fragrance-free, too!

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My friend gave me this night cream from Neutrogena. Now, I'm a huge fan of Neutrogena's SPF lotions (the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock is amazing!) so I was excited to try this out. Like the sunblock, I liked how it absorbed quickly into the skin. It's gotten mixed reviews, but I think the anti-oxidant complex really contributes to more radiant skin. I will continue testing this out. Although not very strong, the cream scent reminds me of gummy bears. That is a tad bit odd. 

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The Giveaway

I have an Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream for one reader to be picked via  All you have to do is leave a comment stating what your favorite skincare products are!  That's all!


The contest will close on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck!

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