Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What You Can Do With Old Clothes

Do you ever feel like this?
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 I know I do. Sure, I have pages and pages of DIY ideas to bedazzle my old jeans and turn my old button down into a cute vest.  But HONESTLY, is that all going to happen? Not in my world. So what can we do when we need to get rid of our old clothes?

As I was reading People Style Watch, the mag had some awesome suggestions!
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So instead of staring at your closet, you can do the following:

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One of my favorite places to donate is Goodwill.  It's a convenient couple of blocks from me, but it's also a no-hassle way to drop your stuff off and get a receipt for when you do your taxes.  Another good option is the Salvation Army.  If you have specific items, you can donate work clothes to Dress for Success and Bottomless Closet, shoes to Soles4Souls, and winter coats and jackets to One Warm Coat. It's kind of nice to know that you're helping women with their career wardrobe as they are trying to get on their feet and into the work force or that you are keeping a child warm with one of your old, favorite coats.   =)

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People have great success selling their clothes on eBay, craigslist.org, or even your Facebook! If you have some luxury brand items, try your luck at I-ella.com. Bonus: They donate 10% of each transaction fee to charity. And for those of you who prefer instant gratification at a brick-and-mortar location, try consignment shops or secondhand stores like Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor, or Buffalo Exchange, where you get instant cash. 

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Get your friends together and trade clothes! I recently missed a clothing swap, but it sounded like it became a fun party. Have some drinks and eat some delicious food all while adding to your wardrobe without hitting your wallet. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?  And while you're at it, get the ladies to agree on other items you'd be willing to swap, such as jewelry, shoes, etc.

If you don't have time to host or partake in a swap, go for the next best thing: digital swap!  There are sites such as rehashclothes.com, dignswap.com, and www.swapstyle.com allow you to do your trade online.

Say goodbye to old clothes and hello to space! (and new clothes....GAAAH!)

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