Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Moroccan Oil Treatment

My hair is pretty damaged from previous dyeing and perms.  So when I found a fantastic deal on Bloomspot for a haircut, shampoo, and Moroccan Oil treatment, I had to take advantage of it!

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Moroccan Oil was mentioned in my past post on Celebrity Beauty Secrets.  Singer Carrie Underwood raved about this rich substance (also called Argan oil). It's known for its moisturizing powers that highly benefit the hair and skin. Carrie also claims that it cuts hair drying time with regular use.

After my shampoo and Moroccan Oil treatment, I noticed while my stylist was drying my hair, all this steam was rising from my hair. I asked about it, and she said that the treatment allows the hair to absorb more moisture. Therefore, there is a noticeable excess of water evaporating from the hair while it is being blow dried.  That's interesting since Carrie Underwood said that hair drying time was cut down. So maybe although the hair "drinks" in the water, a lot of vapor releases quickly and dries at a rapid rate? It could be a theory.

What I did notice after the treatment is that my hair felt super soft and healthy.  My hair had a lot of bounce and volume.  The shine on my hair was incredible.

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I also took pictures a couple of days after the treatment. Because we all know that your hair can look fabulous the day a stylist touches it. Then when you try to recreate the look after a shower, it usually looks nowhere near as nice.
My hair after a shower.  It still felt very soft and looked shiny!

After I used a curling iron. I did notice a bit of steam coming off the iron.

Now, after 3 months of curling and blowdrying, my hair is starting to get dull and feel coarse again.  I would do the Moroccan Oil Treatment again. Even though I got the Moroccan Oil Treatment at a salon and used heat to infuse it, you can easily use the oil at home.  If you go online to their site, you can see other products. I would definitely like to try their moisturizing shampoo and hair mask!

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