Monday, August 27, 2012

My Attempt at the Modern French Manicure

I thought this seemed like a very do-able take on the French Manicure.

(for some reason, the video keeps changing. If it's not the DIY French Tips, here's the link)

Here's what happened when I attempted this at home.

I used OPI's "Mod About You", which is a light Peptol Bismol-like pink.  It dries a bit streaky, so multiple coats are recommended.

I used Sinful Colors' "See You Soon", which is a sparkly midnight blue color.  Then I wrapped my fingernails with tape, but I should have used the cloudy Scotch tape.  It would have been more "rip-off friendly".  My clear tape pulled off some of the base pink color. 

See how I ripped off the pink on my index fingernail.  I tried to rebuild it, only to result in a blob of pink.  Also, like April says in the video, you should make sure to smooth the tape out on your nail. I think I had little ripples that allowed the blue to seep in so there wasn't a clean line between the pink and blue.  Also, if you wait too long to pull off the tape, the tip polish starts to get gummy and attaches to the tape.  My best tip on my left hand was the thumb nail.

My right hand
Overall, I think the concept is easy. With actual Scotch tape, a little more dry time on the base coat, and taking off the tape before the tip polish gets gooey, I believe I can do better at executing it next time.

April has some fun videos so you should definitely check out her channel on Youtube.  She's so darn cute.  Hmm...what to do when you have wet nails and need to use the bathroom?  Hello, bladder infection.

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