Monday, November 25, 2013

A big fat THANK YOU...and what happens going to Pennsylvania!

I know that I'm not the best at keeping up with this blog. And yet, many of you keep this on your reading/browsing list. So thank you!

I'm fully aware that people accidentally stumble upon this page after googling key words such as "porn" and "face of herpes". (The stats page is fun to read, y'all.) Although I'm a bit perplexed by the number of you folks still using Internet Explorer as your preferred browser. Also, aol email addresses weird me out.

And believe me, my opinion counts.

Slumber Party Joni agrees. 

Anyway, how the heck is it already Thanksgiving week?! Slow it down, 2013!
Usually, we go down to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. It's a gathering I really look forward to attending. Except I had a little wrench thrown into my plans this past weekend while driving to Philly.  It might have been literally a wrench!  (see video below)

So yeah....depending on how long it takes to get this bugger fixed, we may have to adjust our Thanksgiving plans. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am very grateful that I didn't swerve into anything. These two guys driving behind/beside my car pulled up next to me with an expression of awe, pity, and WTF-that-was-CRAZY. I just gave the "Shit happens" shrug and ok-sign. Eh. Life's lemons, right?

I was down in Philly for a commercial audition and a film wrap party.  On Monday, I had gone down to shoot a scene for the movie.  The scene was dialogue with just Richard Gere and me.  At the time I auditioned for the role, I had no idea that my scene partner was Mr. Gere. I knew he was involved, but I didn't know about his character because there weren't a lot of details being released. In hindsight, it was probably a good thing. That information might have been too much. Like a possible spontaneous combustion occurring at the audition.

We shot in West Chester for that scene.  I poked around town the night before, and it was such a quaint little college town.

One mission that night was finding all of this for the shoot. 

Hey, I didn't want to be THAT person assaulting Richard Gere's olfactory bulb the next day. Except I should have really thought that out before ordering dinner. In my haste (read: hunger), I ordered and scarfed down a Greek salad only to realize much later that there had been a generous amount of onions in my meal choice. So you could say I was a little paranoid about having Godzilla breath. Actually, does that description even make sense? What would Godzilla's breath smell like? People? Didn't he eat people? Buildings?

So right. Back to the shoot. It was AMAZING. I still pinch myself because I can't believe that it happened. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm cool about it.  I mean, I acted calm and professional about it on set, of course. Although I did joke around with my mom before heading to set about being scared that I'd poop my pants from excitement.  That doesn't translate very well into Korean. My mom sounded panicked: "WHY would you do that?!?! WHY?" Poor woman. She probably had terrible images of me running off set in complete embarrassment.

Everyone was great. Richard Gere was brilliant and so very nice. Ah! LEGEND! I wish I could have been there for more than a day. But I'll take it. I so grateful for the opportunity.

Here's a terrible photo of me outside of my trailer. 

It's interesting the things that happen when I go to Philadelphia. Windshield cracked. The time before this, I was headed for a commercial callback and had to go directly to Tough Mudder after that.  I thought I was going to miss the last start time, but I made it and found my "mudder" partner Joni. Then right before the start time, we lost each other. We spent the entire event trying to find each other. Talk about STRUGGLEVILLE! I went through an obstacle in which you get shocked by live wires...oh wait, let me just show you what it's like.

image via

Doesn't this look fun?
image via

image via

That was the first obstacle I did after waiting until ALL the participants passed me. I was so certain that I'd see Joni there. What a sad moment. The guys at the obstacle told me that they would have to shut it down soon. So I did the obstacle. Alone. Not even with strangers. Just me. Joni had no partner so she had to carry a 6'3" dude on her back for one challenge. This makes me laugh. 

image via

It was a horrible, TERRIBLE experience. So we're doing it again next year.

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