Thursday, November 28, 2013

Who's Ready for those Post-Thanksgiving Sales?

I love eating. I love saving money. So Thanksgiving and all the zany sales afterward are a pretty good combination! I have actually never physically gone shopping during Black Friday, but it seems like the high would rival an insane narcotic bender. (Someone please confirm?) 

These are some deals that got me giddy:

Target is offering an iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi for $479.00 AND a free $100 Gift Card! 

Walmart is also selling the iPad mini for $299 and a $100 bonus Gift Card.

image via
Deal at Target
In store at Walmart

If you prefer an iPad alternative, the Microsoft Surface 32GB HD (without the keyboard) will be on sale for $199 at Best Buy, and Microsoft stores. Walmart is selling the Surface with a black touch cover for $249, but the steal is from Micro Center for both the tablet and black touch cover for $179 (in store only)!

Urban Decay's Six-Piece Revolution Lipstick Set: $125 value for $50 on Friday!

Amazon's Black Friday actually started last Sunday and is running strong into Cyber Monday.  The website is blasting out deals every 10 minutes so tagteaming with some friends and signing up for the emails is advisable. What a frenzy-inducing way of shopping! I'd get an ulcer.

You have to check out Amazon to see what's currently on sale, but here are some of the deals! Really, you HAVE to look out for the changing deals on the Amazon web site.

Nikon D7000 16.2MP Digital SLR with 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6g ED Zoom Lens

Price: $1,473.57
Will drop to an undisclosed amount on Amazon!

Xbox 360 E 250GB Holiday Value Bundle

Original Price: $299.99
Sales Price: $189.99

This one is until supplies last at Sephora!

Also, a product that I love, the Clarisonic Mia First is $99 at Sephora until supplies last.  I hear a rumor that Nordstrom may be selling this babies for less than $100, too.

Buy two full-size Aqua Shadows at Sephora for $10 (either 20E and 28E / 2E and 30E)! They are usually priced at $20 each.
image via Sephora

For you iPhone lovers! Walmart is giving $75 Wal-mart gift cards with a purchase of an iPhone 5c or 5s.  In addition, you can trade-in your old phone and get up to $300 in-store credit!

image via walmart

This leather bag with removable strap will be $49 at GAP stores! Original price: $98.
image from gap

Banana Republic will have a sale 50% the entire store from Nov 28 - Dec 1.
image from

Ahava will be offering 40% off the entire site from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

The best deals for this year have been identified to be at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Make sure you make your shopping list and budget before you hit the laptop or the stores. And watch for those flash sales! Sign up for the newsletters, and get on social media to get exclusive deals!

Good luck!

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