Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend in Pics

It's official.  I ate way too much over the weekend. Time to get the Fitbit out and count those calories.  UGH.

We either do nothing or have our own "family" meal on actual Thanksgiving day. Then everyone from the family meets up for a huge traditional Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. 

This year, I requested ghetto taco night for Thursday. The OG ghetto taco night used to consist of Ortega shells and shitty seasoning. My husband actually cares about our health so we went the more fresh, organic route. In a bizarre way, I feel like some sort of sellout. Which doesn't make any sense because I have no idea why I should be loyal to food that gives me diarrhea.  I think I just enjoy the nostalgia of my childhood eating super crappy meals, which explains why I will always have a place in my heart for canned cranberry sauce and boxed Stove Top stuffing.

This is me being "angry" at my late guest delaying my consumption of T Day Tacos.   I forgot to harass her with this picture via text. 

I also forgot to take pretty pics of the tacos. So here is an ugly one with my finger in the way.  But pretty can I make ghetto tacos look?

Jalapeno Margaritas

Our drive through Pennsylvania was so beautiful. All the branches had iced over, and snow coated the hills like clouds. It was a shimmery winter wonderland.

I was greeted by Charles when we arrives in Pittsburgh. He was not amused by my presence.

"You're still here?"

Aww, look. They're holding hands.  They've been through a lot together (the brine). But they will take different paths: one in the oven and the other in the fryer.

My niece is so good at crafts! She created these center pieces out of things found in the backyard.

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You can always find me near this at any family function.

I got strangely ill between breakfast and dinner.  It sucked. There was a medley of non-professional advice given...all of which I loved:

"You should definitely be drinking. Where's your wine?"
"I have Advil, Day-quil, and anti-histamines. Take them all."
"Go poop." (Interesting suggestion for congestion.)

I just ended up passing out in a ball on the couch.  I'm certain there's a flattering photo of me somewhere...oh wait. *checking Facebook pics from family members.  Yup, here we go.

Thank you, cousin Rachel!

I definitely wasn't the most social (see above). I LOVE hanging with the family so that was unfortunate.  I don't think we even had a dance party, which usually gets swinging next to the piano with sing-a-longs to Taylor Swift. Unless I slept through that this year. Quite possible. Oh, well. I feel totally fine now. And our Christmas gathering is coming up fast!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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