Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life in Pics

This definitely does feel like the longest winter yet.  You know, snow blah blah blah snow.  Sometimes you just have to embrace it.  At least it looked pretty sometimes.

If you embrace the winter, you can get into the wintery theme and excitedly participate in snowy things.

Like snowboarding.  We went to Hunter Mountain recently.

Doesn't my snowboarding partner look creepy? Those goggles combined with the helmet and face mask made me feel like I was hanging out with the Cobra Commander.
image via wikia.com

Snow days also mean staying in for dinner/board game nights.

Our friend made this using Fairway's pizza dough.  It got us making pizza in our home, too. Our pizza-making skills result in odd shapes that inspire us to play "Guess the state/country", but they are tasty!

We've also been making Fresh Direct Ready to Cook meals.  The yogurt chicken and roasted vegetables one is a great deal for $12 (serves 2) and tastes fantastic!

Winter means hibernation-mode eating.  The "I can eat in denial because I'm all covered up" syndrome.   My pasta intake increases exponentially during the cold months.

Babbo Pasta Tasting!
All of the pasta was pretty good, but nothing beats the Black Spaghetti.  We got some pumpkin substitute pasta because someone (ahem) doesn't like beets. ;)  So I can't comment on that.  I think my favorite was the Black Tagliatelle, but it was a bit on the salty side. And you can never go wrong with Pappardelle Bolognese. Right?  It seems like the most consistently well done pasta dish in various restaurants.  

But what do I know.  My food reviews include eloquent comments such as, "I like this tube pasta."  

The desserts were absolutely delicious.  I wish the Quince Yogurt Copetta came out in a pint glass instead of a thimble-sized container.  For myself, the Babbo pasta tasting is one of those experiences that I have no need to revisit.  Definitely go for their a la carte menu.  Black Spaghetti! And the veal!

I enjoy a good Spaghetti alle Vongole.  However, I think that it's time to attempt cooking it at home.  I can't screw it up, right?  :(

Winter in NY also means Fashion Week!  YEAH, OH YEAH.
I sat front row at a lot of the shows.

Or I just visited Lincoln Center while my friend kept an eye out for anyone giving away free samples and promotional products.  

Nobody was there.  I think we actually missed Fashion Week by a couple of days.  

But who needs Fashion Week when you can have fun at a drug store buying discounted Valentine's Day candy and play with disgusting hats that countless people have also put on their heads?


 I know the concrete background is kind of ugly.  But we are actually the top of the Standard, and it has a beautiful view of the city and the river. 

I got to visit my mom and friends in Atlanta.

I used to work at the Margaret Mitchell House as a tour guide with my friend.  When I think about it now, it boggles my mind how knowledgeable we seemed to tourists.  We were "Gone with the Wind" experts!

 Sometimes I get really romantic about the city and get pumped about plans to visit sights.  Such as Piedmont Park.  Which was not so impressive on this cloudy day.

Isn't that guy in the back absolutely terrifying?

My exciting plans usually take a weird turn.  Like going to PetSmart with two Korean ladies in search of bird feeders.

 I've been really intent on sticking to my streak of working out every day.  Since I had no gym access, I ran around my house.

 Like literally around my house.  Not the neighborhood, but my house.  Due to my mom's paranoid fear of me getting kidnapped if I ran around the neighborhood after dark, I resorted to laps around the house and squats/jumping jacks/weird dance moves in the backyard.

Things that make me smile:  TRIPLE hooks in the bathroom stall.  Go, Hartsfield Atlanta Airport! (Just the International terminals.)

Back in NY, I took an opportunity to host industry guests, such as agents and casting directors, at a studio.  It's been really cool meeting people without the pressure of trying to impress them in an audition setting.  I pass by this building every time I walk to the studio.  Pretty neat.

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