Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Would You...Ear Cuffs?

Ear Cuffs (or Ear Pins) allow you to embellish more of your ear without the extra piercings.

Rashida Jones kept it classy with a set of pearls by Ana Khouri.

A simple line of diamonds by Graziela for Emma Watson.

Miranda Kerr wore adorable winged cuffs by Ryan Storer.

Kesha is a big fan of ear cuffs.  Or rather, she seems to be a fan of BIG ear cuffs.

Sorry, Kesha. This was the photo that showed off your bling best.

Model Lara Bingle went even bigger with her Sarina Suriano ear cuffs. 

They don't even have to run along the edge of the ears.  Jessica Alba sported a pair of snake-like Jack Vartanian pins that hovered over the middle of her ears.

Jennifer Lawrence wore an elegant pair of ear cuffs that hug her ears perfectly.

Diane Kruger went for some FAT cuffs by Chanel. Well, a huge, ornate singular cuff.  She only wore one in one ear.

Some more for fun!

Would you wear ear pins or cuffs?  Which styles do you like?

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