Sunday, November 23, 2014

About Last Weekend

We had a lot of fun shooting a sketch for We Stand Comedy.  Such a lovely group of people.  Here are Tara and Kimberly. I had worked with Kim before on another funny project, and it was a blast being reunited.

I'm holding a bottle of our product "Ouistan" perfume.

Let the contouring begin!

I had to keep cropping Kim's chest out.  She wasn't topless, but because she needs to look topless, she had on a low nude/sometimes wet strapless bra. Why does she need to look topless, you ask?  It will all make sense when you see the sketch. (Ok, there's a shower scene.)


This is actually Tara's bedroom! It's insane. She even has all these black and white photos of her extended family...that looked like the pictures of people who come in your frames when you buy them.

 My Victorian/vintage look in a selfie. It was way more vampy in real life.  

Kim doing her usual entertaining.

I love this photo of Tara. It's so Lancome.

I got really sweaty in the bed.  No, really.  Writhing around in sheets is a workout. #NoSexScenes

Tara was so Italian.  Always wanting to feed us and pour us drinks.  We did a lot of damage to the spread below.  And that was just dinner.  There were wraps for lunch, muffins and fruits for breakfast (mimosa, too. I like her style) just felt like there was a new meal waiting for us every hour.  Thank you, Tara!

We just kept returning to the those trays of food. 

Cast + Crew.  
Doesn't Christian look really uncomfortable? He's the one who looks like he thinks I have Ebola. I'm trying to pull him in...c'mon over, buddy. And Tara has crazy Bronx pride, as you can see.

Right after Tara's hair got caught on fire. Dale and Juan smacked it out.

Yeah, girl. Work it with your burnt hair.

Some down time.

Setting up for a special message.

And that's a wrap!

The next day was my niece's birthday!  As we were driving to Connecticut, Andrew swore he saw Richie Sambora in this car. The license plate said: Dark V12.  Which I read could be referring to a guitar finish. 

Happy birthday, Cate!

It was a Sunday night, and my nieces and nephew have a crazier social calendar than I do.  So they were exhausted by 8pm. 

One little bunny fell asleep at the table.

The girls introduced me to Flash Tattoos, metallic tattoos easily adorning your body with the help of a little bit of water (my niece put a beautiful design on her armpit).

It was good to see the family.  And such a treat considering I'll be seeing them again for Thanksgiving this week!


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