Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Sample Sale Experience in New York: Rebecca Minkoff

I always imagined sample sales in NY to be like this:


And like this...

But it was relatively calm at the 260 5th Avenue location of the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale.  Yes, there was a bevy of females with bags upon bags draped all over their bodies.  Many of them having animated discussions on their phones, fulfilling their duties to shop for their girlfriends who couldn't make it to the sale.  No cat fights!  Some woman actually saw my bag and asked me if I wanted a similar one she found in the clearance pile. I was impressed.

The prices when I was at the sample sale yesterday.

I read that the prices were marked down again.  Bags that were $125 are now $100, $185 price tags changed to $150, and $245 styles are now $195. 

 Besides the TJ Maxx and Marshall's hand-me-downs from my mom, I tend to buy cheap bags from Forever 21. My mom believes that I am "way too old for that shit" and I had some gift money so I got excited about this opportunity. (Although I feel like Rebecca Minkoff is still a rather "young" label.  Most of the women in the room looked like college sorority girls.)

This is me getting super overwhelmed by the deals. I had to enlist my friend Joni to help me make some important decisions.  I was so thrilled that I am cross-eyed in one pic.

A good shopping trip deserves some chill/catch up time at a cafe.
You know, just doing the Kermit the Frog tea meme.  

The sample sale in NYC will end this Saturday, Nov 22. But remember, there is also the online sample sale going on here.  If you are in the New York area, I would compare prices between the two options. You will find that certain styles have different prices and even availability at each sample sale.  The phone number they have for the NYC sample sale is (212-725-5400).  This website also up-to-date information regarding prices and stock.

 I got this Hudson Moto Mini for $135 at the sample sale (now marked down), but it is at the original price of $265 online.


This Bowery Tote is part of the online sample sale, but it was not at the sample sale.  It is marked down from $325 to $165.  


There are also a couple of perks of purchasing online.  First, any time you buy something online, you should open the browser window through Ebates and see if cashback is available. When I bought the Bowery Tote, I was able to get 6.5% cashback. (If you don't have an Ebates account, definitely get one here.)  Rebecca Minkoff is also giving people who sign up for their newsletter a 15% off promo code. Together, those are great savings!

I call this the mystery bag. Because I cannot find evidence of it anywhere!  It is similar to the Morning After Bag Mini, but it is NOT the style.  Maybe just a sample bag that never got the green light? 

Anyway, that is my adventure in sample sales.  I think I prefer sitting in the comfort of my home while online shopping compared to the experience of giving up my coat/bags at the door and rummaging through piles of products.  There DEFINITELY is an element of fun when you get to touch and try on stuff.  But then there is that anxiety of knowing that prices WILL drop later, but then what you want may be gone.  Also, although I didn't experience this at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, there are usually long lines at these things!

Anyway, I'm good for another couple of years before I have to purse shop again. (I hope!)

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