Monday, November 24, 2014

Sandwiches Are Underrated

My friend Robie and I met up today to rehearse a scene.  We had just finished a Flywheel class together, and I was starving.  However, I was really craving some Chicken McNuggets...but they weren't serving lunch just yet.  So I wanted to time it just right.  Rehearsal and THEN McDonald's. Awww, yeah!

But when we got to Robie's apartment, the ever consummate host made me a brilliant sandwich!

Such simple ingredients coming together for an exciting palate party:  Turkey breast, sprouts, egg, chili flakes, Mediterranean feta, and honey mustard. 

I did protest to her making me anything, but you can tell I'm pretty stoked to taste the sandwich. (It was yummy!)  Thanks, Robie!  Much more healthy than McDonald's! (Although I ate McNuggets for supper. Oops.)

I've always enjoyed a good sandwich. But after watching "Chef" recently, I have been obsessed with sandwiches. 

They're always EATING in that movie!

I get it; there's a point to all of the food porn. And that pasta dish that Scarlett Johansson receives for spending time with Jon Favreau (food prostitution!) looked DELISH.  But the sandwiches are the stars! The Cubanos, the pork shoulder sandwiches, the grilled cheese sandwiches....God, the scene where Jon Favreau makes that grilled cheese sandwich for his son.  I was stuck on a flight with peanuts for sustenance when I was watching that scene! I wanted to jump out of the plane.

From the moment I landed in Atlanta, I was on a mission to get a grilled cheese sandwich.  Here's my ATL grilled cheese with bacon + tomatoes.

Then when I retuned home to NY, I bought bread and got Andrew into the sandwich craze. And we didn't just stop at grilled cheese sandwiches. We made egg sandwiches, grilled cheese, bacon + jalapeno sandwiches, egg, avocado + Marie Sharp sandwiches....and then we went to Maine.

Lobster Grilled Cheese 

 Lobster BLT

 A monster lobster BLT?

Wait, did I not do a blog on our Maine trip? Wow. I'm terrible.

Ok, so I would LOVE to know what your favorite sandwiches are...maybe your go-to ones and then your exotic/extravagant ones. Do share!

Maybe a Thanksgiving sandwich?


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