Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life in Pics: Active Summer...But Still Beast Eating!

It's been really interesting trying new things this summer!

My friend Lauren and I attended a Blogger Summit.  I actually learned a lot from business owners and veteran bloggers in the fashion and tech industry.

 I totally ate it right before taking this photo! There was huge gap between the curb and street. That's one habit I have...I can't stop laughing if I fall or nearly fall.

1st time taking capoeira at Steps on Broadway.  My ass was ridiculously sore after this class. 

I took a hip hop class at Broadway Dance Center with my dear Korean/Russian pal Irina.  She left a bit early to head to work. So I paired up with an older (dare I say elderly?) woman. In a class full of children and young adults, it seemed about right. We congratulated ourselves on getting 60% of the routine right, but always ending with a perfectly executed Kid n Play move tapping each other's foot.

That's right. This was Gammy and me.

And they broadcast the classes in the lobby.  I KNOW I made some people feel better about themselves.

Me potentially burning up 1000 calories at Barry's Boot Camp...but not. Because I do double floor workouts on the floor and avoid that treadmill like a champ.  I'm terrified of falling off.  And yes, I know people have done so.

Me being dumb after a workout
I ripped one of those workout bands in half the other day in my barre class while doing arm exercises. Apparently, I was the first to ever to do that at the studio.  #Beastmode

I started running around the Reservoir at Central Park.  I honestly hate running a LOT. The last time I ran consistently was to train for the LA marathon, and I only kept up with it because it was for Students Run LA.  We teachers committed to the training, and I couldn't bail on the kids even though waking up at 4am on weekends was torture.  I think I recall some teachers vomiting in the sand while we ran at Santa Monica beach. Yeah, I guess running at high speeds wouldn't be ideal when you're hungover.  Anyway, I think with the right music, I could get over the boredom of just...running.

I dragged Andrew to run with me along the Hudson River.  It was awesome.  We did it once. Ha!

Can't be summer without the wakeboarding.

So I know that these phone booths near the docks are kind of eerie.  But I am noting them for a future photo shoot or some sort.  Or horror movie.  Imagine them at night.

The "C" for Columbia University

And beaching!

Can you believe this is in Jersey?  Island Beach State Park is a preserved barrier island close to Seaside Heights (read: JERSEY SHORE!)  But this area is super tranquil and has lovely dunes and vegetation. It reminded me of Southern beaches...and the water was a gorgeous blue-green that day,

I bet that 2 hour drive to the beach felt like an eternity for Andrew! 

Summer pilates session at a former German beer hall. Check!
They have two locations so make sure you go to the Gramercy Park one!

I got to reunite with people this summer.
Here's the lovely Anne who is a fellow actress from my Esper program.  I remember when she came into our class.  She is this tiny firecracker whose mannerisms and accent are reminiscent of Sofia Vergara.  But in this tiny package! I couldn't help laughing at her scenes because even she is mad, she is so cute.

Long time no see, catering buddies.  Rebecca just returned from a long teaching job in Prague.  I like her because the world's craziest stuff comes out of her pretty face hole. Like shocking words. Tobi is the most laid back guy ever, and I feel that kinship with him because he's from one town over from where I lived in Georgia.  Except he's so much younger than I am that his high school wasn't even in existence when I lived there.

Great lunch deal at Caracas:  Arepa + soup/salad $9-10!
La Surena has grilled chicken, chorizo, avocado and chimi-churri sauce. 

Post-casting chats at Ace Hotel

Another post-casting meet up.  This time at Shake Shack! You may think that I only have Asian actor friends.  But think about it...we are usually at the same casting competing with each other because we are similar types.

 Been hitting up some doctors to get my physicals and blood tests on!
I deal with Candy Crush invitations on Facebook all the time.  I can't believe it has infiltrated doctors' offices.

The results showed that I'm allergic to cats and REALLY allergic to grass (how boring).  Although I am not allergic to dogs according to the tests, I could still have reactions to certain dog dander/allergens.

I like to take photos of beautiful buildings in NYC and use it as motivation to become stupid rich.  I'm really far from it, but they say visualization helps reach goals, right?

 Outdoor movies at Chelsea Piers

 Annabel bar for happy hour drinks!

Celebrated Laura's birthday during the day at Central Park.


Then off to Bea for dinner.
It's a really pretty restaurant with a small outdoor patio area, too!  We dined inside.

The food was delicious.  I had 2 entrees because haven't we established the fact that I am a beast?  The filet mignon dish was yummy, but not filling enough. Actually, if I had just waited instead of urgently calling over the server seconds after my last bite and excitedly gesturing at my neighbor's meal like a jealous child "I WANT THAT", my stomach would have probably realized that I wasn't really that hungry.  Oh, the green pasta was tasty but very creamy and heavy.  I warned you.

 Last night's screening and Q+A session with the casting director and cast of "Orange Is the New Black".
It was amazing to see how supportive these women were of each other.  Selenis Leyva (who plays Gloria) was talking about how even if she is not shooting at the moment, she goes and watches her co-stars. "I wanna see my sisters do it."  Apparently, it's a happy place overrun with dogs.  My kind of working environment!  Selenis was also saying that everyone congregates in one trailer.  Girlfriend time!

And I've always suspected that casting director Jennifer Euston is an actor's casting director.  Confirmed when Selenis said, "Not all CD's give love.  You give love."

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