Thursday, August 6, 2015

So what happens at a Korean Beauty Sample Sale?

Peach and Lily had its very first sample sale with skincare up to 90% off and makeup products at $5 or less ($5 each, 5 for $20, 20 for $60).  

It was my first beauty sample sale, so I had no idea what to expect.  

Lauren joined me! My partner in BB crime (blogging and beauty). I know, can I be any more cheesy?

It was an hour wait time to get into the building.  Apparently, there were too many people at the initial start of the sale so the coordinators had to scoot a whole bunch of customers from inside to the outside. Good thing the line was in the shade, and I had my iPad for listening to podcasts while getting emails out. 

We got inside 2 hours after the sale officially started.  A lot of damage can be done in 2 hours. As you can imagine, shelves were already ransacked. Oh, I trust my people to come hella early and get in on those discounted prices.  You can see how the well stocked this event was in the beginning here (click on the gallery). The link also gives updates on product availability.

Like at many sample sales, you have to check in your big personal items like purses and backpacks.  You got a ticket and go claim it after you do your shopping.  I am over-explaining here. You guys know how coat check tickets work.  Then we received purple shopping bags aka roomy paper gift bags.

My favorite area was the Club Clio makeup tables with eye, face, and lip products. $5 dolla!!

There were still a lot of Mizon products left.

Other brands included Caolion, Peripera, and Aromatica.

It was funny, because there were crazy shelves like this one....

But photographers (like myself!) would tidy up the products to get a nicer photo.
Someone fixed these toners up and snapped a pic.  I swooped in later and took one, too. Muahaha.

This one I did. But it's the lazy way.  Four items placed in a row. Go, Erica.

 The checkout line was bananas. I am going to guess it took me nearly an hour to get to the cashiers.  We kind of curved around shelves.  It reminded me of that insanely long line at Trader Joe's where they strategically place products all along the line.  Just like I can't help picking up those stupid chocolate covered almonds at TJ's, I found myself picking up a cream here and a toner there.  It was good though, because the reps were restocking some of the shelves so I found a lot of items that weren't available before I got in line.

I totally rewarded myself (for shopping?) with a Snowdays shaved ice dessert.

 I got The Original.

This was my haul.

How CUTE is this King to the Kong toner and cream packaging??  These products were $5 each.  Usually, $38 and $33.  These items got restocked as I was in line.  Restocked at a shelf within arms' reach!  
Can you guys believe I really went into the kitchen and retrieved bananas for this picture? It's ridiculous. I guess I thought: gorilla, monkey...oh yeah...BANANA.  I realized how ridiculous it was while I was shooting it. But I mean, it was already too late! So I'm sharing it with you guys. 

I'll share my thoughts about my haul after trying them out!

There were also some free Korean snacks, cheese, cookies, and champagne! You showed your ID and had your hand marked when you checked in so the bartender could easily see who to serve.  At the end of the very long checkout line, the super sweet cashier people declared the price of each item before putting it into their iPads.  That was cool because with all the products lying around the shopping area, you couldn't be too sure if your item was on the correct shelf marked with the price. Then you got your purple gift bag stapled with all your goodies you bought...because ain't nobody got time for five finger discounts, people! Let's keep it classy!

There's still some time if you wanna get your Korean beauty shop on, New Yorkers! The sale ends at 9pm!

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