Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Winning Korean Sheet Face Mask!

After landing in Atlanta the other weekend, my face was looking pretty rough.  I'm talking about dry skin with more apparent and sad looking wrinkles. :(((

During a trip to the ginormous Mall of Georgia (no seriously, its retail floor area is 1.786 million square feet), I stopped by Sephora to get a sheet mask so my poor skin could drink in some moisture. I asked a worker there what she recommended, and she couldn't gush enough about the Korean Farmacy brand masks.  Their masks are made of naturally derived ingredients and free of parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial coloring.  Bonus: They don't test on animals.  Meow.

Since I was looking for moisture, I went for the DEEP MOISTURE hydrating coconut gel mask with echinacea greenenvy. According to the box, this super echinacea ingredient "contains the highest known concentration of Cichoric Acid, a natural photo-essence that provides the plant restorative properties".  HELLO, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories! And the coconut gel is supposed to provide INTENSE hydration and restore your skin's balance. I was sold.

Beyond the beautiful packaging, the fresh cucumber smell was so delightful! It was light and relaxing.

See, it inspired a spa day at home.

I know. Everything is open back there. Drawers, closets,'s probably all bad for feng shui. Or just eyes. Yeah, offensive to eyes.
I've used sheet masks before, but this one put all of my past papery masks to shame!  This mask is made of bio-cellulose material that was eerily like a second skin. 

The mask is nestled between TWO protective films.  You pull off the blue one first. It was hard to figure out which one was blue. It's a very faint blue. Then place the exposed mask side onto your face. Then you peel off the other clear protective layer.  It's quite easy to adjust the mask and smooth it over your face.  As you can see in my photo, the mask fits really well onto the curves of your mug.

The mask folded up in its magical elixir ready to spread out its wings...on my face.  That was such a horribly written description.  I'll leave it here to embarrass myself later.

Compared to my other sheet masks, the cutouts fit better over my eyes and mouth. And the nose part actually covered my nose!  Other sheet masks cut the nose flap of the mask too short, and the tip of my nose would get no mask love. 

There was also no drippage of mask gunk.  A lot of the other sheet masks force you to stay put in a reclining position so you're not dribbling all down your neck. This mask stayed put, and I could go about doing everything except putting things into my mouth.  The directions suggest leaving the mask on for 20-25 minutes, but I love keeping it on for 30 minutes.  By then, that bio-cellulose sheet has dried a bit onto my face, leading to the satisfying belief that my FACE has sucked all the benefits it could out of the mask.

I love how you can drench your face and the rest of your body with the excess formula.  Don't you just love it when stuff doesn't go to waste? I hate knowing there is product that I can't get to...yeah, I'm talking to you, long containers with short applicators/droppers!

The results are fantastic!  Beautiful, plump, hydrated skin! There are more masks focusing on various issues like brightening, anti-wrinkle, oil-control, and firming.  I will definitely be splurging on these Farmacy masks in the future! Hey, it's cheaper than a facial.

Let me know what you think. And if you have sheet mask suggestions, please do share!



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